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Director of “The Kings of Al-Jadana” reveals details of Talal Abdel Aziz’s days before his illness | News


Ahmed Khalid Massa, director of the “Maluk al-Jadana” series, spoke about the details of the days before the illness of the late artist Talal Abdel Aziz.

Ahim Khalid explained in a telephone interview with Massa Engi Ali on the show “Azrar Al-Nujum” that he was in contact with Talal Abdel Aziz in the early days of Ramadan, especially to follow the reactions of the series. I was able to film her scenes soon.

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A few days later he noticed that she was starting to hear tiredness and pleas from him, but he reassured himself that she was fine until she talked to him on the phone.

The director of “Maluk al-Jadana” accidentally said that the last scene of the series’ Talal Abdel Aziz’s was his death in the events of Episode 17, and for the first time he paid close attention and witnessed before the shooting, the photographer cried from the honesty of his acting, and the tragedy that closed the studio due to the scene In an attempt to alleviate the situation, the staff tried to exchange teasing with the photographer.

Ahmed Khalid Massa confirmed that he was expecting to see Talal Abdel Aziz again after the end of filming, but it did not happen and only artist Amr Chad had a friendly relationship with her daughter’s husband journalist Rami Ratwan. Tonia, when her contact with him was limited to phone calls, she was unable to answer.

Dalal praised Abdel Aziz’s performance and revealed the scenes that filmed the last scene of the series, how he was keen to review it before filming started, and how he teamed up with Amr Sath in the cast.

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He said that Dalal Abdel Aziz was very kind in the scenes, especially as his daughter Karma is participating in the series, which reminded him of the beginning of his journey with his daughter Tonia and included his daughter during the filming. He also promised to allay her fears about the shooting.

Ahmed Khalid Moussa revealed that Talal Abdel Aziz had finished filming his scenes eight days before Ramadan and was in a hurry to return to Egypt due to contact with other projects, but was forced to wait two days before he left. Other job heroes leaving Lebanon.

Talal was reluctant to take part in the series, and had long discussions with him, the work environment changed more than once, and Amr Chad “intervened until he made sure to join the kings’ kings. Jatana’s”

Ahmed Khalid Massa continued to recall his memories with Talal Abdel Aziz, insisting that Amr Chad was making fun of him, saying that the audience would talk more about her than the rest of the heroes after the series was shown. Her scenes were with the same enthusiasm and strength that some young actors could not pursue.

Musa described his experience working with the late Talal Abdel Aziz as he was in the studio with his mother, and said that he was working as a young, new actress and that all the actors in the scenes wanted to be around him. , She had a happy spirit and wanted to work all the time without getting bored.

The director of “The Kings of Al-Jadana” ended his intervention by talking about the relationship between the late Samir Khanem and Talal Abdel Aziz, who are like stories, and if they are presented in a work of art their strong relationship despite the age difference between some and at the same time The director may be accused of exaggerating because of their recent illness, which Talal Abdel Aziz is unaware of and he considers their death at the same time. Her husband’s death, and she was in critical condition throughout her stay in the hospital.

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It is noteworthy that Tal Abdel Aziz, who was infected with the new corona virus that had to be transferred to the hospital since last April 30, died on August 7 at the age of 61.

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