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The United Arab Emirates is hosting the World Humanitarian Summit in Dubai


Dubai (Etihad)

Dubai will host the activities of the World Humanitarian Conference on March 30, 2022, which was announced on the occasion of World Humanitarian Day, as the summit aims to find appropriate solutions to some of the problems around the world, including challenges. Growing corona virus (Govt-19) epidemic and other issues related to racism, gender equality, tolerance and discrimination.
The World Humanitarian Summit brings together government, charities and religious organizations, human rights organizations, intellectuals, artists, media professionals, cultural associations and the private sector, with the aim of highlighting current concerns for conducting conversations and addressing the world at the Dubai Expo 2020 in the United Arab Emirates.
The summit discusses today’s crisis, which has continued for many years to be larger and more complex than before. Natural disasters. The summit plays a key role in supporting and assisting international humanitarian organizations that can improve the lives of people and save more lives.
The United Arab Emirates is proud to host the World Humanitarian Summit, which extends a helping hand to the most vulnerable people and highlights the humanitarian workers who have chosen to alleviate their suffering in difficult circumstances. Very clear or necessary as it is today; Humanitarian workers around the world have not stopped working hard, working tirelessly to meet needs and save lives, despite the challenges and hardships of recent epidemics.
The novel Corona virus (Govt-19) epidemic has caused the greatest humanitarian crisis since World War II, and has severely affected the humanitarian sector over the past few months. Despite the fact that all countries of the world have come together to provide medical assistance and doctors, in the light of the spread of the new corona virus “Govit-19” around the world, some other sectors have received less assistance and support. , Which serves as a catalyst for international crisis response in both diplomatic engagement and humanitarian assistance.
In the memory of the workers in the field of humanitarian work .. The United Arab Emirates is a world leader in providing services and assistance in humanitarian work to all around the world. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President of the Stock Exchange, announced that the Vice President of the State, the Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, may God protect him and open the door for workers in the humanitarian sector in the country to get shelter. , In conjunction with World Humanitarian Day, in appreciation of their efforts and sacrifices.

  • Dawood Sheshawi

Dawood Al-Shesawi, Secretary-General of the Summit Board of Trustees, spoke about the pioneering role of the United Arab Emirates throughout its history through humanitarian work at the regional and global levels. Prior to this, the UAE plays a leading humanitarian role in relief and humanitarian work, regionally and globally, by allocating resources and efforts to improve communities and remove barriers by establishing hundreds of humanitarian projects and organizations. Sustainable development.
It is noteworthy that gender equality and women’s empowerment in the work of the World Humanitarian Summit is one of the topics addressed with the aim of promoting an equal world. For women and people who are committed to the community. The World Humanitarian Summit will be conducted through the “Digitals 10X” platform in the form of the latest digital technologies and hybrids, and will serve as a powerful dialogue platform highlighting key issues for creating a peaceful, healthy and livable society based on mutual respect. Respect and understanding. The summit will hold talks with elite leaders around the world, exchanging views on topics and the growing sectarianism around the world due to intolerance and intolerance, playing the opposite role in achieving happiness, love and prosperity. Communities discuss the development of a mechanism and policies to address these issues, and submit proposals and initiatives to support and promote human brotherhood and tolerance.

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Human Art Exhibition
The summit will include a collection of events that will allow global artists and photographers to showcase their work focusing on promoting human values ​​and principles, such as the Human Art and Photography Exhibition. Visitors can grow their knowledge and awareness through the digital library, which includes leading publications and books, in addition to hosting a virtual exhibition, which brings together local governments, private foundations and international organizations to showcase their humanitarian efforts to virtual participants. Humanitarian Stories provides an opportunity to see many inspiring stories about initiatives aimed at bringing about change from around the world, and the summit highlights individual and institutional efforts that contribute to the advancement of society.

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