March 23, 2023

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Discovery of a planet with just 8 hours of daylight and a temperature of 1500 degrees

D + N. S – Normal size

According to scientific results released on Thursday, half of the Earth’s mass exoplanet was discovered in less than eight hours a day.

The celestial body, called JJ367b, is a rocky, low-mass planet with a radius of 72% of Earth’s and 55% of Earth’s mass.

“It’s the lightest of the approximately 5,000 exoplanets known so far,” the researchers say.

The discovery was made by an international team of scientists led by the German Space Center (DLR) planetary research institute.

“Its high density indicates that an iron nucleus dominates the planet,” said researcher Silard Sismadia.

At less than 31 light-years from Earth, the planet orbits its parent star, the red dwarf JJ367, about half the size of the Sun.

Christine Lam of the German Space Center, who led the international team with Sismadia, said: “There seem to be similarities between the planet and Mercury.

“It puts planets smaller than Earth and pushes research one step further in the search for a ‘second Earth’.”

According to Sismadia, this planet cannot be considered a “second earth” because the maximum amount of radiation it emits is “500 times more powerful than that emitted by the Earth”.

“The planet’s surface temperature will reach 1,500 degrees Celsius – the melting temperature of all rocks and minerals.” According to him.

The results were published in the “Science Journal” on Thursday.