February 7, 2023

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اكتشاف كوكب أورانوس.. هيرشيل أراد إطلاق اسم جورج الثالث على العملاق الغازى

Discovery of the planet Uranus .. Herschel wanted to name the gas giant George III.

Discovered by German-born astronomer William Herschel Planet Uranus The discovery of Herschel’s new planet, the seventh planet in the solar system, was the first such discovery in the modern age, and the first discovery made using a telescope, which allowed Herschel to differentiate Uranus into a planet. This discovery was made to him on this day, March 13, 1781, as earlier astronomers believed.

Herschel named the planet Georgium Cedus or “Georgian Planet” in memory of King George III of England, after receiving the Knighthood for his historical discovery of the planet he discovered, although German astronomer Johann Bode suggested naming the sky “Uranus”. Uranus is the god of the ancient Greek sky and the body according to the names derived from the classical myths of other known planets that were the ancestor of the Olympian gods according to ancient Greek mythology.

Website history states that in the mid-nineteenth century, the name Uranus was the most widely used name for the seventh planet in the solar system.

But what about the physical properties of this planet? Uranus is a gas giant similar to Jupiter and Saturn, and contains hydrogen, helium and methane, and is the third largest planet in the solar system by size.

The planet Uranus orbits the Sun once every 84 Earth years and is the only planet whose orbit is perpendicular to the plane.

In January 1986, the US spacecraft Voyager 2 landed on the planet, discovering 10 out of 5 extra moons already known and the formation of dim rings around the gas giant Uranus.

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