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The arch-rival Real Madrid .. PQ has set a new record with Barcelona

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March 13, 2022 will be a historic event for Spanish star Gerard Pique, who will make his 600th appearance as a central defender for Barcelona against Osasuna in the Spanish League.

According to the Spanish newspaper Marca, Big reached this impressive number 14 years after returning to the club in 2008 after playing professionally for Manchester United in England.

The Catalan player became known as the arch-rival of his rival Real Madrid, and he was known for his fierce mockery of Real and used to attack him through social networking sites.

In February, Big surpassed his former teammate and defender Rock Carls Puyol in the number of players who played for Barcelona.

Most of the matches Pique played were in the Spanish league, where he played in 387 matches, 122 in the Champions League and 65 in the Kings Cup.

He has played in 16 extra matches in the Domestic Super Cup, five matches in the Club World Cup, three matches in the European League and two European Super Cups.

With Barcelona beating Osasuna by four goals on Sunday, Big has won 411 games with the Catalan giants, scoring 53 goals against opponents so far.

Pique has won a staggering 30 titles with Barcelona in all domestic, European and international competitions, and this season he is aiming to win the Europa League, which he has played but not won.

Even at the age of thirty-five, Big is still Barcelona’s undisputed key player, in the first leg against his guest Galadasara in the Europa League, when coach Xavi decided to retire him, but had to push. He defends the defensive line.

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Last summer, before dedicating his future to the club until 2024, Big said: “On the day I stop playing for Barcelona, ​​I will leave football and I will not play for another team.”

Big is said to be in a relationship with popular singer Shakira and they have two children.