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Discovery of the “strangest planet ever” (video)


Astronomers confirm that Mercury is the fastest planet in our solar system based on the speed at which it orbits the Sun, because it completes its cycle in 88 days, and its average speed is 47 kilometers per second, which is a very large speed. This planet was formerly known as the “God with Wings”.

Astronomers have finally discovered a strange planet in the Solar System about 855 light years away from our Earth, which makes fast Mercury “slow, cold and far from the Sun’s neighbor”.
According to scientists, the planet orbits its star in 16 hours, forming its orbit, the narrowest orbit ever measured and discovered.

Scientists consider this planet to be “one of the strangest planets ever discovered” at its highest speed and highest temperature.
This planet is called TOI-2109b, which astronomers call “Super Jupiter”. Hot Jupiter is the gas giant planets that have unusually high temperatures near their stars.

The planet’s surface temperature is over 2,200 K (1,900 செல் C or 3,500 Fahrenheit). Daytime temperatures at TOI-2109 b are estimated by astronomers to be as high as 3,500 K (3,225 degrees Celsius or 5,840 Fahrenheit), which is as hot as some young stars.

A new research paper published in The Astronomical Journal, entitled “TOI-2109: a superheated gas giant in a 16-hour orbit”, was presented by Ian Wong, a researcher at the Goddard Air Center. Researcher at NASA spacecraft and Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Source: Sputnik

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