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Tragedy befalls Iraqi bride


Mariam Was born General 1997 A City Soren, No Center Cost Follow Province Erbil A Province Kurdistan Iraq, She is a On Communication Continuous With Her fiance Via One Social media sites No On Text Boat Rubber band, When try Passes Canal, That’s it I told him That Boat Almost Drowning و .نهم Are waiting Help.

AndAccording to What It is cold Her fiance Lusasal Flags British, It He Tracking One way Mariam About Way System Specify Places (GPS), Missed Her identity Felt With the mind Severe That’s it May be Lost, Forever.

Interview with “Sky News Arabia”, Son Paternal uncle The bride Victim That Incorporates Pain Immigrants About Scientist, he said: “With Sorry Mariam No No. Gone A Brilliant Her youth She is a Inside Victims Sunk Boat Corridor English, Then That The engagement took place N. S.Young man Iraq Resident A Britain, She is gone Towards Europe Where It came and went To France In order Cross Via An ocean English Her future wife, And with Sorry Sunk Boat A An offer The sea “.

Nearby The bride Submersion: “Corpse Mariam A France Right now, Where To know it On her Day Friday One Our acquaintances Resident There, AndShe is a His wife And it is called Mahabad She Further Among the victims With Mariam A A trip Death “.

From Government Province Kurdistan IraqWork On N. S.Generally Her body Lol She That Displaced To get started Life New The better Complete dreams And ambitions, AndDared A Way Reach for it Her life, AndFought Difficult Roads Even It came and went To me There, But With Sorry Drowned On Distance Kilometers Some Before Access To me Forest British, Where Her fiance No He I’m waiting for her. “.

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Apparently: “With Sorry Countries Great Like Britain, Lamb Submit Itself As a model For democracy And rights Man, No. To allow Whose Owns Residence In which By extraction Visa Regulation Hello Than To People A Such as This is amazing Cases, As I did Our daughter Mariam, To try Access To her In ways Dangerous Very “.

AndTo reveal Minister Inside French Gerald Thurmanin, Ann Boat He Carry on On Done 34 Person, Is Recovered Flow A Condition Healthy Important And subject To me Treatment A France, One of them Iraq Somali, When No. Still Others A Counter The missing.

An accident Immersion No Signed Wednesday, Too bad From Its type On உளிச்சாயுமோரம் Years Last, With Height Cases Transportation For immigrants No. Proper Via An ocean English Channel.

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