June 25, 2022

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Djokovic admitted that he had made a mistake and that his participation in the Australian Championship was still pending.

Djokovic admitted that he had made a mistake and that his participation in the Australian Championship was still pending.

World number one Serbian tennis star Novak Djokovic has admitted to making “mistakes” in his behavior after completing his entry form for Australia and testing positive for the corona virus last month, while his participation in the Australian Open has been suspended. .

In a message on his Instagram app, Djokovic, who regularly trains in preparation for the 9-time Australian Championship (a record), said: “We live in a difficult era in the context of global epidemics, and sometimes mistakes are made. . “

Djokovic, 34, appeared at an event in Belgrade the day after December 16, according to Australian immigration officials.

When Djokovic attended a ceremony in Belgrade the next day (December 17) to honor young Serbian players without wearing a mask, he revealed that the results of his selection were not available, according to photos posted on social media by the Serbian Tennis Association.

Two days later, on the 18th of the aforementioned month, he also took part in a photo session with the French newspaper L’Equipe.

Prior to the meeting with the young Serbian players, Djokovic confirmed that he had been subjected to a new test, the result of which was negative, and he defended himself by saying, “I did not feel any symptoms, I was in good condition, I did not. Know the result of my positive test before the event is over.”

On January 5, Djokovic arrived in Australia on the 16th of last month with a special exemption from contracting Govt-19.

Djokovic, on the other hand, admitted a “false account” when he received an interview with L’Equipe newspaper reporters, and said: “I had to continue the interview with L’Equipe. I only wore the mask.

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He continued, “After thinking, this is a miscalculation, I agree with it, and it would be more appropriate to postpone the interview.”

In another development, Australian newspapers reported on the German newspaper Der Spiegel’s skepticism about Djokovic’s positive test results.

Der Spiegel said he scanned the QR code, which gave a negative result, before turning positive after an hour. It is not possible to verify Der Spiegel’s account independently and Djokovic made no mention of it on Wednesday.

“Human error”

Djokovic admitted that a “human error” had occurred when he filled in the incorrect field in his entry form for Australia.

In response to a question in travel documents as to whether he had traveled or was going to travel somewhere before leaving for Australia in the last 14 days, he marked “no” in the form released on Tuesday.

However, posts on social media say otherwise. This shows that the Serbian, who lives in Monte Carlo, was in the Serbian capital, Belgrade, and later in Marbella, Spain, 14 days before he arrived in Melbourne.

Djokovic admits, “My team was filled in on my name. My business manager apologizes for this administrative mistake. The mistake is humane and not intentional.”

Djokovic has been ruled out of the Australian Open, which starts on the 17th. Australian authorities revoked his entry visa shortly after he arrived at Melbourne airport for failing to meet the stringent conditions imposed to enter its territory in the fight against Govt-19. He was transferred to the Melbourne Passenger Detention Center.

But Djokovic successfully appealed the decision and won a moral victory over the Australian government when a federal judge ordered his immediate release, but Immigration Minister Alex Hawk could still revoke his visa.

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