June 7, 2023

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Do not put light in the room while sleeping .. Here are the dangers

Do not put light in the room while sleeping .. Here are the dangers

Everyone has a specific way to sleep, some like to keep the lights on, while others make them dim completely.

However, a new study has brought hard news to those with the latter view, with Phyllis Gee, head of sleep medicine at the Northwestern University School of Medicine, explaining that exposure to any amount of light during sleep is associated with serious illness.

Notice .. many diseases

He said the habit could lead to higher levels of diabetes, obesity and high blood pressure in older men and women.

According to CNN, people should make every effort to avoid or reduce the amount of light emitted during sleep.

He also explained that the elderly are at higher risk of developing diabetes and heart disease, stressing that measuring the amount of light emitted by a sensor in a person’s body compared to a person’s 24 hours of sleep and wakefulness. Is the focus of the study.

Other dangers

It is noteworthy that Zee oversaw a study on this topic, and one night sleeping in dim light led to an increase in the blood sugar and heart rate of young people during the experiment.

The results also show that high nighttime heart rate is a risk factor for future heart disease, while high blood sugar levels are a sign of insulin resistance, which can eventually lead to type 2 diabetes.

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