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Exciting Algerian reception for Moroccan delegation ahead of the Mediterranean Games (video)

Exciting Algerian reception for Moroccan delegation ahead of the Mediterranean Games (video)

The Moroccan delegation received a wonderful welcome when they arrived in Algeria to participate in the 2022 Mediterranean Games.

Many Algerians gave a rousing welcome to the Moroccan sports team participating in the Mediterranean Games starting next Saturday in the western Algerian province of Oran.

Hannah and the people of Morocco at the Oran Airport in Algeria were greeted with applause as they chanted the slogan Kawa Kawa (We and the Moroccans are brothers).

The Moroccan athletes did not hide their joy at the grand reception, and many of them told the Algerian media that “they did not expect this wonderful reception and they could not wait for it”.

Morocco takes part with 137 athletes, while Algeria leads the way in the number of athletes participating in the Mediterranean Games with 324 people from the Arab world.

Tunisia is second with 175 athletes, Egypt is 19th with 191 athletes, Syria is second with 26 athletes and Lebanon (38) and Libya (14) are second.

Out of the 26 countries participating in the 19th Mediterranean Games, Italy topped the list of countries participating in the upcoming event with 371 participants out of 3,390 participants with 371 participants.

On Saturday, the opening ceremony of the Mediterranean Games is expected to take place at the new Oran Governorate Stadium in the presence of Algerian President Abdelmadzi Debon and leaders and delegates from several countries.

On August 15, 2015, the Algerian city of Oran was selected to host the General Assembly of the International Committee for the Mediterranean Games in Pescara, Italy.

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Oran overcame the Tunisian city of Sfox 71-51 to win the upcoming event.

The Games were originally scheduled for 2021, but were postponed to 2022 due to the corona virus, which disrupted the Olympic calendar and contributed to the postponement of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics for a full year.

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