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Do not split a pill for these reasons health


Can a pill be split or crushed, when does it spoil, and what makes the medicine spoil? What is a chewable tablet? Can the capsule be separated? How long does a pill last in the stomach?

The Chamber of Pharmacists in the German state of Hesse warned of the risk of splitting a prescription pill for this purpose, which could lead to serious consequences such as loss of effect, overdose or increased side effects. .

Chamber added that just because there is a notch in the middle of the pill does not mean that it can be split. Perhaps the significance of this spot is to easily distinguish the drugs from others.

If it is difficult to take the drug pill due to its large size, you can consult a doctor or pharmacist about the possibility of changing it to another drug with the same effect and in a smaller amount.

Not with a kitchen knife

On the other hand, the German Chamber cautioned against splitting pharmaceutical tablets with a kitchen knife, as this could result in the loss of the active ingredient and the breaking of parts of the tablet if not split properly. A very suitable option for splitting the drug pill.

In general, take the divided pill immediately to avoid losing its effect.

Can tablets be crushed?

Do not crush or open oral tablets. As drug delivery systems become increasingly complex, tablets and capsules may have special coatings, for example, ‘sugar-coated’, ‘film-coated’ or ‘enteric-coated’, or may be designed to modify the rate of drug release. Body.

When does a pill go bad?

Medicines can deteriorate if stored in inappropriate conditions, for example in hot environments, water leaks or humidity.

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According to the US Food and Drug Administration, you should pay attention to the expiration date as expired medicinal products may be less effective or dangerous due to a change in the chemical composition or a decrease in the effectiveness of the product.

Some outdated medications are at risk for bacterial overgrowth, and less effective antibiotics may fail to treat infections, leading to more severe disease and antibiotic resistance. Once the expiration date has passed, there is no guarantee that the drug will be safe and effective. If your medicine has expired, do not use it.

What is a chewable tablet?

Chewable tablets are an oral dose that is chewed and then swallowed by the patient instead of being swallowed whole. According to the US Food and Drug Administration, they should be palatable and designed to be easy to chew and swallow.

When does the tablet dissolve?

Generally, it takes about 30 minutes for most medications to dissolve in the stomach. If the drug is coated with a special coating — which helps protect the drug from stomach acids — the treatment may take longer to reach the bloodstream.

Can the capsule be separated?

As with tablets, capsules should never be crushed, opened, chewed or swallowed.

Examples of unopened or uncrushed capsules and tablets include:

Controlled release

  • Enteric coated
  • Long acting
  • Modified release
  • Prolonged action
  • Sustained release
  • Extended release

Drinks that nullify the effect of the drug

According to the Mayo Clinic, certain foods and beverages can interact with many types of medications.

Problems arise because natural chemicals or nutrients found in foods or drinks can interfere with the drug, making it less effective or having a stronger effect. Foods or drinks can also affect the enzymes in your body that break down or metabolize the drug. As a result, the drug may stay in your body for a very short or a very long time.

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A drug that breaks down too quickly may not have time to work. On the other hand, a drug that remains in the body for a long time can reach a dangerous level.

Some of these interactions can cause serious health problems. High blood pressure, irregular heartbeat, muscle weakness and bleeding are common and serious side effects.

Common foods and drinks that can cause problems with your medications include:

  • Some fruits like grapefruit, orange, pomelo and cranberry and their juices.
  • Some vegetables rich in vitamin K, such as cabbage, spinach and kale, and other foods such as soybeans, broccoli, carrot juice and pomegranate.
  • Tyramine is an amino acid found in fermented cheese, pickles and fermented foods such as sauerkraut and kimchi, processed meats such as sausages and shrimp, or certain sauces such as soy sauce.
  • Licorice or licorice extract in candy or tea.
  • Milk and milk products.
  • Alcohol (alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages) and caffeinated beverages such as coffee, tea or soda.

Time for the effect of the drug to expire

Medicines gradually deteriorate as a result of many activities, even when they are stored under appropriate conditions, according to Doctors Without Borders.

The organization adds, “In most countries, laws oblige manufacturers to test the stability of their products under standard conditions to ensure a minimum shelf life. The expiration date specified by the manufacturer indicates that the therapeutic effect of the drug has not changed up to this date. (The presence of at least 90% of the active ingredient in the drug and No significant increase in toxicity of the drug).

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The expiration date stated on the packaging is based on the shelf life of the medicine in its original, unopened container. Common warranty periods are between 3 and 5 years, and some less standard products are warranted for 1 or 2 years.

Expiration dates should be indicated on packages along with any safety and storage requirements.

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