March 21, 2023

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Do you see the offsides being automatically detected at the World Cup in Qatar?

Do you see the offsides being automatically detected at the World Cup in Qatar?

On Tuesday, FIFA’s Director of Development Arsen Wenger noted that intrusions could be detected “especially in 2022”. Qatar World Cup Without declaring the methods used Technology New

“There is a good chance that intrusions will be detected automatically in 2022,” the former Arsenal coach told a news conference in Paris (AFP). Wenger, who is considered a “godfather” starting on the 20th of this month, said before the arbitral tribunal held dedicated seminars, “I keep it a secret, but this will be the next developments for the arbitral tribunal.”

Wenger stressed the need to use technology for FIFA’s efforts to find quick solutions to contentious situations, with some controversial decisions related to offsite cases sometimes being made using video assistant arbitration technology “VAR”.

FIFA has announced that it is examining the decision to replace neutrality with offsite cases by developing semi-automated technology to mark infiltration, in order to provide video technology with additional information to facilitate the decision-making process and image creation. Analysis. “The schedule for this project is expected to be expedited in light of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar (November 21 – December 18).

In March, Wenger proposed to the International Federation of Football Associations (IFAB) that it be responsible for enacting the rules of the first popular sport, amending the offside rule “except for the part of the body where the attacker can score.” “It simply came to our notice then.

In the same context, Swiss-Italian FIFA President Gianni Infondino considered that the amendment promotes offensive games that “make football more attractive” and comes under the precise analysis of cases allowed by the “mouse”. Planned in the proposed amendments.

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Regarding hosting the World Cup finals every two years instead of four, Wenger confirmed that he was “open” to all suggestions and “understands reluctance because there is an emotional side to this”.

Starting with Alexander Seferin, president of the European Football Association of Slovenia, Didier Deschamps, the coach of the French national team, went through the Professional Players’ Association and raised voices of protest in the world of football (FIFPro) and links from fans around the world and many other parties. It is scheduled to release a full FIFA report in November ahead of the “Global Summit” by the end of the year.