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A strong storm will hit two states, meteorologists warn citizens – Turkey urgency


A strong storm will hit both states, meteorologists warn citizens

Turkish media, on Tuesday, warned citizens that a strong storm would hit the two northern states of the country.

The Meteorological Agency issued a statement announcing the approach of a strong storm from two northern states of the country, according to a translation by Turkey’s Emergency Website.

As of tomorrow afternoon, a strong storm will enter the airspace of the northern states of Custman and Sinop, the directorate said in its report.

He confirmed that the storm will be strong at 75 kmph at north and northwest winds.

He pointed out that the storm would lose its effect by tomorrow evening, warning citizens not to let flying roofs and trees and columns fall.

Will the price of electricity be increased by 45 percent? Here are the details

Purak Goen, chairman of the board of directors of the Energy Trade Association of Turkey, called for an increase in electricity prices from 40-45 percent in the near future to offset costs.

Goyan said: “Failure to raise electricity prices as there was a 15 per cent increase on the first of July will lead to more problems in the future and we expected a further 15 per cent increase in October, but that did not happen. Retail and supply companies are in a difficult situation.”

In an interview with Bloomberg, he said, “Rising commodity prices and rising exchange rates are doubling the costs of energy companies in Turkey and around the world.”

He stressed that increased demand, price pressures and costs are putting power distribution and manufacturing companies in a difficult situation, with the industrial sector buying electricity at very cheap prices.

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In turn, Jim Ashiq, president of the Power Generators Association, said that the price of imported coal plays a major role in power generation, and that with imported natural gas and costs, tariffs are lower than costs.

Turkey’s Energy Market Regulatory Authority (EMRA) has said there will be no change in the final electricity sales price, which will take effect from October 1.

Reuters expects electricity and natural gas prices to rise by up to 15 percent in October due to global price rises and the use of natural gas as an alternative to the decline in domestic hydropower generation.

According to Reuters, natural gas will increase by 15 percent and electricity by 8 to 15 percent in early October, according to four sources.

Turkey is completely dependent on gas imported from Russia, Iran and Azerbaijan until 2025.

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