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Do you suffer from excessive gas that causes embarrassment? .. Here is the solution


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17 June 2022 Friday

I wrote – Ala Nabil

Many people usually suffer from excessive gas, which is caused by chronic flatulence because it is followed by constant belching or excess gas.

So we explain the reasons for this and the tips to control it according to daily health.

When food or drink is ingested, air is produced in the stomach, mainly gas, and exits the mouth in the form of a burp.

So once this undigested food enters the small intestine, the bacteria break it down and produce hydrogen, carbon dioxide and sometimes methane, though not all.

There are several factors that can cause excess gas, including:

Eat high-fiber foods such as beans, legumes, fruits, vegetables and whole grains.

Excessive soft drinks

Chewing gum is high, which causes air to enter the stomach by constantly opening the mouth.

Eating too fast or talking while chewing causes more air to be swallowed

Drinking from straw.

Chronic intestinal disease such as diverticulitis or inflammatory bowel disease.

Suffered from food intolerance or celiac disease such as lactose intolerance.

Excess growth of bacteria in the small intestine.

Methods of controlling excess gases

1- Avoid foods that cause gas

Fruits like apple and pear.

Vegetables such as broccoli, Brussels sprouts and onions.

Whole grains like bran.

Dairy products.

These products contain fiber, sugars and starches that are not easily digested or absorbed, which eventually leads to flatulence.

2- Drink before meals

If you drink fluids with food, you will lose stomach acids and also break down food, so drink 30 minutes before meals to help your stomach digest better.

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3- Eat slowly and drink

Eating food and beverages quickly makes it easier to swallow more air, which causes more gas, so it is better to eat slowly while eating.

4- Avoid getting air in the stomach

Some habits like smoking, chewing gum and drinking with salad can fill your stomach with air, which leads to excess gas, so these habits should be controlled.

5- Try herbs to get rid of gas

Some research suggests that many herbs may help eliminate excess gas, including ginger, which can speed up digestion and prevent flatulence, and that chamomile can help with many digestive problems, including abdominal pain, bloating and flatulence. Improves muscles and digestion of the digestive system.

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