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Jim Carrey sells his sunscreen painting and donates a portion of its profits to food banks

Jim Carrey sells his sunscreen painting and donates a portion of its profits to food banks

Mona Gonim

Posted: Fri, 17 Jun, 2022 – 8:44 PM | Last Updated: Friday, June 17, 2022 – 8:44 pm

Famous Hollywood actor Jim Carrey, who has been presenting his satirical paintings for many years, decided to enter the digital art world using the new technology crypto-currency and value protection techniques called “fungus-free tokens” or NFT. Political nature.

It was also decided that one of his paintings, selected from a collection of several paintings he had presented under the title “Sun Shower”, would be auctioned off to raise money for a non-profit organization called Feeding America, which is responsible for managing it. Many food banks in the United States began bidding on the Digital Super Rare platform – an exclusive marketplace for displaying works sold to cryptocurrencies – with a starting price of one US dollar. To reach US $ 56,900.

In his statement, Gary said, “When NFT technology came into the world, I began to enjoy reviving art through simple animation.” This new world has opened up countless opportunities for me to innovate. , According to the ArtNet website, which is interested in covering art news

The famous American actor decided to break away from his satirical art practice, in which he presented several political paintings of a satirical nature two years ago, and began to focus on more detailed and sophisticated themes, and his painting, which has been put up for auction, reveals ideas. Hope and optimism as inspired by the feeling of “bathing” in sunlight.

And about his feelings about his paintings, “Gary” is considered to evoke the recipient’s feeling that they are receiving a “divine gift” or a magical potion, which frees him from all suffering and pain and renews his hope and love. Of life.

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Gary digitized his artwork before embarking on the Sunshaw Art Collection, but this project in NFTs marks his first official entry into the integrated web world of web3 or cryptocurrencies and non-refundable tokens. To change the sites you use. , Brings the original artwork sold through these new digital technologies closer to the public; It is only for tech giants and experts.

About the stages of creating the painting, “Carrie” initially poured the colors into the background of the painting, then erased the colors from the canvas, leaving only the “mark” of the color interactions with the canvas. He pointed out that he had done so in order to achieve a bold and unexpected result that would amaze himself, and stressed that this painting – at its heart – encompasses the wonderful moments of peace and psychological peace that we experience for a short period of time in life. .

It is noteworthy that new technology has created a breakthrough in preserving the originality of artwork and intellectual property, and the main difference between non-fungal tokens and other digital currencies such as Bitcoin is that one Bitcoin currency can be converted into another. An NFT acts as a unique identifier for a digital asset, it represents and cannot be changed, and many celebrities have tried to use it. Tweet through the Twitter app as a valuable asset using NFT.