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Dr. Ahmad Akili signing his book “Bank Notes” (from source)

Tuesday 12 December 2023 / 20:35

While serious critical studies that touch the intellectual’s consciousness and approach his taste have become a rarity, the “Critical Essays” appear as essays in literary criticism and analysis of criticism. Ahmad Abdel Monim Akili, Professor of Modern Literary Criticism, is a prolific author of publications on poetry, novels, etc., in a style that combines creative and educated, specialized academic experience and literary taste to provide useful scholarly material for the reader and researcher. and literary criticism.

The recently published book “Money Notes” by Dar Al Hafeez contains a sophisticated and diverse collection of Dr. Aqeeli’s essays and readings, featuring the following topics, Emirati poet Dr. Talal Al Junaibi, Creativity and Imagination in the Poetry of Emirati Poet Muhammad Abdullah Al-Buraiki, Aspects of a Psychological Approach in Criticism, Later, Criticism and Aspects of a Comparative Approach, Critical Terminology and the Confusion of Translation, Semiotic Concept and Aesthetic Critical Reading in the Emirati Novel, Then A Generation Between Predecessors and Contemporaries The Syrian Cultural Movement… A Critical Historical Reading, and Aesthetically Critical Reading, by Dr. In the Emirati poet Nayef al-Harith’s collection of studies of faith, then Dr. Critical Reading in Iyad Abdel Majid’s “Methods of Reading in Poetry Criticism,” then Theory, Application, and the Novel of Arabic Myths in Arabic Criticism. Arab police between reality and ambition.
Dr. Akili believes that the topics of literary criticism are many and play an important role in the emergence of a wide circle of critical conversations and intellectual debates, most of which seek to establish a clear vision of literary criticism, its nature, and schools. and trends “Essays in Criticism” The book’s topics start from an important foundation, which is the great importance of literary criticism and its growing needs in the light of the growing cultural movement in modern times, literary criticism is considered. A mirror that shines through the creative text and reveals its beauty and weaknesses, and does not diminish or undermine the text as intended.

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The book “Critical Essays” is considered to be one of the first of Dr. Agil’s critical works, which includes more than 15 books in critical and linguistic series.Also, the material presented in this book is Dr. Akili’s previous book, “Mohidin Subi and the Problems of Literary Criticism.” Rather, it is a compilation from his critical readings published in newspapers and magazines within and outside the Emirates, in addition to his peer-reviewed critical research. Participated in international conferences.
Under the title “Critical Reading of the Emirati Novel,” Dr. Aqeel says: “Emirati novelist production is entirely based on two contents: romanticism on the one hand and realism on the other, which is a depiction. Although we find the roots of Emirati novelist creativity, a deep emotional state or a critique of prevailing social reality. They are recent and not yet deeply penetrated by the young. We also saw the roots. The Emirati novel is not more than 50 years old, which is a short period of time compared to the Arab or international novel extending into the roots of history. Therefore, we appreciate the Emirati novel because in this short time, it was completed. On the one hand, the Arab novel found its place in the map of creativity, symbolic and It has been able to put important stamps on it through the creativity of its team of novelists who have produced novels of various genres including contemporary, realistic and experimental and other novels.
The author uses the novels of Ali Abu al-Rish and Fathiya al-Nimr as models for his study in a deep and fascinating critical reading.

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As for the field of criticism he discusses, literary critic Dr. For a critical reading of the book “Methods of Reading in Poetry Criticism” by Iyad Abdel Majeed, Aqeel says: “Critic Dr. Iyad Abdel Majeed is an important, serious and bold critical sketch in which he emphasizes the vitality of Arabic criticism.” Classics and their Priority, and Western Critical Approaches and He lamented the state of modern Arabic criticism today, which depends on its individuality and Arabic criticism. The writer was objective, far from theoretical and preconceived judgments, while combining theoretical and applied aspects, besides accuracy in terminology and critical concepts, all these things, including the need to protect us and many others. The ancient Arab coinage tradition has kept pace with the development of modern Western criticism without yielding or yielding to it.
At the end of his book, Dr. Akili explains the reasons for the declining interest in the short story in our reality today. The mature stage of the story is the novel, which is the reason for the belief of many intellectuals and creatives. , coming after an earlier stage of narrative creativity, is evidenced by the fact that many novelists declare that their creative beginnings were with narrative, and that it was a paradigm shift for them to become novelists.
He believes that this statement is overstated because literary creativity is not a staircase with steps in which one literary art is superior to another, “Who said that the short story is less important, profound and influential to the recipient than the novel? !”
So, the short story has its own rules, foundations, and linguistic and artistic standards that are capable of creating creativity that leaves a deep impression on the reader, doesn’t it?! It would not be an exaggeration to say that this impression and influence has and may surpass the impact of many other novels on readers and followers.
He asserts: “The short story and the novel belong to an artistic structure based on a common technique, which is narration and narrative, so there is no difference between one and the other. Many great novelists alternated between the short story and the novel, that is, they started with the story and stuck to the novel.” Instead, they moved between them, including the experience of Naguib Mahfouz, winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature.
It is noteworthy that Dr. Ahmad Akili was born in Syria and lives in the Emirates. He has a collection of more than 15 critical and literary books and articles, and has presented more than 15 scientific researches published in peer-reviewed journals. Interested in literary translation, he regularly participates in many conferences and scientific, intellectual, literary, Arabic and international forums.

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