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Document of a great Egyptian artist disowning his paintings… stirs up controversy


Egyptian artist Hassan Youssef confirmed yesterday at a seminar honoring him at the Cinema Palace that his wife Shams al-Baroudi has no intention of returning to acting and has no intention of returning to the limelight. Screens.

The great Egyptian artist said, “Shams has forgotten that she is an actress, because she has been away from acting since 1981, and she loves the house so much, loves the kitchen so much, and I have no explanation for the rumours. It appears from time to time about her return.”

Some of the pioneers of social networks spread the news about Shams al-Baroudi’s return to cinema, so others spread the document that the Muthazila artist published several years ago, confirming that he would not return to the artistic community. Again, he decided to officially retire after performing Umrah in 1982, after his artwork was disapproved.

A document published by Shams al-Barudi at that time included the following: The Messenger of God believed that whoever harms a Muslim, God will harm him, and whoever persecutes a Muslim, God will persecute him. Umrah in February 1982.. God is sufficient for me and He is the best decider of affairs.

The daughter of great artists Hassan Yusuf and Shams al-Baroudi, Nariman was eager to attend her father’s symposium at the Cinema Palace, supporting him while honoring him for his rich artistic career and great history.

Tamer Abdel Moneim, Director General of Cinema Culture and Director of Cinema Palace, honored the outstanding artist, Hassan Youssef, and presented him with the Shield of Authority, and he presented him with a Certificate of Appreciation from the Ministry of Culture. On behalf of the Minister of Culture, Dr. Nevin Al-Ghilani.

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The artist Hassan Youssef last appeared in a work of art was during the series “Al-Tahar” shown in 2019, starring Muhammad Fouad, Feriel Youssef, Rakta, Tamer Abdel Monim, Madeleine Tabar, NG Sharaf. , Ahmad Mounir, Amira Hani, Samira Mohsen, Ala Zayhom, Omar Hassan Yusuf, Ala Morsi, Mazar Abu Al-Nagha, and Sabri. Abdel Monim, Darin Hadad et al., written by Tamar Abdel Monim and directed by Yasser Saeed.

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