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Retirements: Improving mental health is a very important factor in the post-retirement phase to face the day-to-day stresses of life.


The Public Pensions and Social Security Commission has stated that mental health is the most important factor in coping with the stresses of everyday life in the post-retirement phase, and retirees and insured persons are keen to adopt positive practices that improve this aspect. Way to create a more balanced life.

As part of an awareness campaign for effective post-retirement planning, “Be Prepared” pointed out that the stresses of daily life play a major role in increasing tensions and acquiring unhealthy habits and behaviors. Ensuring the promotion of positive practices that maintain aspects of mental health and social gains made by retirees or insured persons over decades.

He explained that the same effort that goes into practicing positive habits to improve mental health and maintain social relationships is the motivation to adopt negative habits and address all their consequences at the health or social level, and therefore to strengthen these relationships. Easy and perfect, especially the experiences the retiree has gained during his career journey, which helps him deal with pressures intelligently and calmly.

The Commission called upon those who are retired or about to retire, not to shy away from seeking psychological and social counseling from experts, and to take advantage of the programs at various government health institutions or other institutions. A national policy to promote mental health, recognizing its role in promoting the safety community and the well-being of its members.

The authority emphasized an important aspect in the life of a retired family, which is the importance of psychological support to overcome any challenges related to the difficulties and challenges of the post-retirement phase.

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One of the most important factors that improve the mental health of retired and insured people is the achievement of social harmony between the psychological and social, and it appears in many levels related to psychological peace and stability, which increases the sense of belonging. , faith in the future, and adopting patterns of behavior consistent with the customs of society. A sense of safety and security, positive social participation in economic or voluntary work.

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