August 17, 2022

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Don't trust them..!

Don’t trust them..!

The idea of ​​transferring stars from one team to another is overwhelming to me, especially when it comes to kissing the logo!

In the professional era, and especially in this era, when the summer mercado, including ours, plays with amazing deals involving most clubs in the world, you can see a continuous picture of this or that star adopting the logo of his new club. , a few days ago he adopted the logo of his old club!

This is the era of professionalism, gentlemen, in which the stars manipulate the sentiments of the masses, which are often fake sentiments, with no connection other than contracts.

In the era of professionalization, there is a group that retains its loyalty, and you ask me who is unmoved by the system of professionalism, and I say unthinkingly, the masses who love the system. And don’t change it, accept the slogan and don’t change it.

For that, I say to these loyal fans, their favorite star should be their club, institution and goals first, and not be angry or hurt because this or that player left. This is the language of professionalism, this is the system, and this is the fact that the player seeks his future before the future of his club!


Gone are the days of beautiful entertainment, and for better or for worse, there is nothing left but an era of business. Be as kind and supportive as you are at your club. LOGO (coming and going), don’t trust them!

* Quoted from an Emirati report

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