May 30, 2023

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Drone network to fly over Dubai to combat crime

L ‘World Exhibition 2020 Has been postponed for a year due Covit19. The city is betting heavily on the event, hoping to attract 25 million tourists.

To do this, it has invested a lot to welcome itExpo 2020. The city plans to buy an army of drones provided by an Israeli company Aerobics. These will facilitate the work of the local police, for example tracking down an individual or tracking down areas with high crime rates. Data will be collected and sent to police units. In addition, the drones will reduce police response time 4.4 to 1 min.

Drone DJI Mini2

In terms of its size, the exhibition is the third largest event in the world after the Olympics and the FIFA World Cup. Hence the importance of the authorities Dubai Criminal risk will explode to strengthen its security.

Aerobatics drones are used in many areas such as industrial operations, security or the implementation of social distance operations. They are much cheaper and easier to maintain than helicopters.

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