June 8, 2023

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Dubai uses laser beam drones to create artificial rain

The National Meteorological Center From Dubai, the United Arab Emirates has found a new way to rain. Uses drones that emit laser beams to create artificial rain. Last week, the country’s meteorological center uploaded two videos proving the presence of heavy rain on the streets of Dubai. How it works: Drones shoot laser beams at clouds and charge electricity. This charge creates raindrops, collects water droplets together and forms large raindrops, which is equivalent to electrifying the air to create rain.

Last March, BBC The United Arab Emirates has announced that it wants to test drone technology, which was developed in collaboration with the University of Reading in the UK. Artificial rainfall is important as Dubai receives an average of 10 cm of rain per year. This makes agriculture difficult and forces more than 80% of the country to import food. This will not help the warmer temperatures in the country. For example, on June 6, Dubai recorded a high of 51 degrees Celsius.

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Dubai’s rain production technology is no different from cloud seeding, which has been used in the United States since 1923 to combat prolonged drought. Silver iodide, the chemical used in photography, is needed to sow clouds and help create cysts in the air.

Fear of flooding and privatization of technology

According to ForbesThe United Arab Emirates has invested in nine rainfall development projects in recent years, totaling about $ 15 million (approximately € 12.6 million). Most of these projects used traditional cloud seeding techniques.

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Critics of drone technology fear it could accidentally cause massive flooding. Forbes said they were also concerned about the privatization of the technology. In the United States, innovative solutions to the serious effects of climate change are being explored. Billionaire Bill Gates supports the development of technology that reduces sunlight, which contributes to the global cooling effect by reflecting the sun’s rays into the planet’s atmosphere.

Meanwhile, more than 80 wildfires have devastated the United States, destroying communities and destroying homes. In early July, the Death Valley of California recorded a temperature of 54.4 degrees Celsius, the hottest on Earth since 2017.

Original version: Cheryl Teh / Insider

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