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Dry figs soaked in olive oil.. Know about its benefits


Some scientific studies have demonstrated the potential benefits of soaking dried figs in olive oil, as this combination contributes to healthy nutrition, as well as relieving some pain such as the severity of complications and side effects of cancer patients. Chemotherapy or radiotherapy, and even for cancer patients who suffer from joint pain, we offer these benefits as follows:

The most important benefits of dried figs with olive oil are:

Dry figs contain a good amount of fiber, which helps in weight loss, suppresses hunger and makes you feel fuller for longer during the day.

– Improves the health of the heart and arteries and reduces the chances of developing certain circulatory diseases such as heart attacks and atherosclerosis.

– Improving some key indicators in women with metabolic syndrome, such as blood sugar, cholesterol and inflammation.
Anti-depression and anxiety, thanks to olive oil containing healthy fats, it can help prevent psychological and neurological problems.

Slow the progression of Alzheimer’s disease.

– Reducing the chances of liver damage, or sometimes repairing damage to the liver.

– Reducing the chances of developing certain types of cancer such as breast cancer.

– Improving the health of the digestive system and alleviating symptoms that can accompany certain digestive system diseases such as Crohn’s disease and inflammatory bowel disease.

This combination is considered a natural treatment for many diseases, as both components contain an amazing group of vitamins for the body that work to strengthen the immune system. It contains a spoonful of antioxidants that work to prevent the formation of cancer cells and prevent colon and stomach cancer.

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Many doctors recommend eating a spoonful of honey, figs, and olive oil, as the combination improves gut health and prevents colon spasms. It also has great power to prevent toxins from forming in the body.

It contains a large number of calories that contribute to weight gain, and it also contains high amounts of nutritional minerals and vitamins that treat anemia and make weight better in a short period of time.

It contains calcium and potassium, which can prevent osteoporosis. It is considered a great recipe for better growth and stronger bones.

The combination works to strengthen the skin’s layers and remove pigmentation resulting from the sun’s harmful UV rays, evening out skin tone and giving it a more radiant glow.

A daily commitment to eating a spoonful of the mixture can improve blood pressure levels during the day, especially in patients with high blood pressure. It is also very effective in controlling cholesterol levels in the body.

This combination contains a large amount of nutrients that work to reduce inflammation of the bronchi and expel the trapped mucus. In addition to its ability to relieve severe cold symptoms.

Benefits of dried figs soaked in olive oil for joints

A combination of dried figs soaked in olive oil is very effective in improving bone health as it contains high levels of calcium, which increases bone density. It contains high amount of minerals like iron or copper which ensures better and effective bone health.

Several studies have demonstrated the ability of fig and olive oil to treat joint pain and inflammation.

Benefits of dried figs soaked in olive oil for colon

Eating dried figs with olive oil helps to get rid of many pains including colon, as it treats it in a unique and quick way.
Dry figs with olive oil treat colon pain.

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Eating figs and olive oil helps improve digestion and stimulates the bowels to eliminate waste.

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