May 19, 2022

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New test capable of detecting corona by inhalation

New test capable of detecting corona by inhalation

The World Health Organization’s emergency committee has decided “unanimously” that it is not time to reduce the level of warning against Kovit, the group’s chairman told a news conference Wednesday.

“The situation regarding the Govt epidemic is not over yet,” Didier Hossain said, adding that this is the highest warning the WHO can issue after the panel concluded that the epidemic is a national health emergency of international concern.

On Monday, the organization confirmed the monitoring and testing of dozens of infections with two new strains of the “Omigron” strain of the corona virus.

The organization said it was examining two of the most contagious strains to make sure Kovit-19 had the most severe and dangerous symptoms of the disease, compared to the previous four strains that had been modified from “Omicron”.

The system added two sister strains, “BA.4” and “BA.5”, to the list of other strains with which it operates, deriving from the original Omigran variant “BA.1” and “BA.2”. There are currently two dominant strains worldwide, with the exception of “BA.1.1” and “BA.3”.

The organization said it was involved in monitoring the two strains because “additional mutations need to be studied in more depth to understand their impact on the potential for immune evasion”.

And the British Ministry of Health announced last week that South Africa, Denmark, Botswana, Scotland and the UK would register a “BA.4” strain from March 10 to 30.

As for the “BA.5” strain, it was documented in South Africa starting last week, but Botswana on Monday confirmed that four cases of the “BA4” and “BA.5” strains were recorded in people under the age of 30. And 50 years. They had previously been fully vaccinated and had mild symptoms.

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