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Dubai Airports has retained its position as the busiest airport in the world for travelers


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Jamal Al Hai, Managing Vice President, Dubai Airport, said in a recent statement that Dubai International Airport has maintained its status as the busiest airport in the world in terms of international passengers with 29.1 million registered passengers. The week about the most exciting quarter after 2020.

He was speaking at the Airport Development Conference held at the Global Airport Leaders’ Forum on the sidelines of the 21st Airport Exhibition in Dubai:

Al-Hai said the forum, organized for the first time in two years after the epidemic in Dubai, represents a new era in the aviation industry, pleased that Dubai’s efficient response is to protect the health of the people in dealing with the epidemic while minimizing the negative impact on business and the economy.

The ninth edition of the Global Airport Leaders Forum today coincides with the 21st Airport Show in Dubai, calling on airlines to plan more efficient routes and reduce their overall carbon footprint along with other stakeholders.

For his part, Ibrahim Ahli, managing vice president of Dubai Air Navigation Services Corporation “Dance”, said in his speech during the conference on the discovery and development of airports on the sidelines of the 21st session. The Airport Exhibition in Dubai is gaining momentum in all economic and social sectors of Dubai and attracting talented people, investors and tourists. It is driven by its best technology to transform Dubai into the future city of the world. In addition to improving the safety, efficiency and efficiency of Dubai’s airspace, DANS plays a key role in aviation.

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For his part, Khalid Al-Zubair, Senior Vice President of Dance Operations, said: “We proved our strength when Dance effectively managed more than 1,338 flights a day through the Dubai airports managed by Dance before the Govt-19 epidemic. Air traffic at Dubai International Airport has been ranked since 2014. The world’s first international passenger carrier, the airport has handled approximately 1.115 billion passengers on more than 7.47 million flights since its inception in 1960.

He added: “Through the leaders of global airports, we welcome a new era in aviation management. Thanks to the vision of our leaders and their timely actions, we are able to overcome difficulties with determination and confidence. He stressed that the aviation sector is the engine of growth. Rapid recovery and economic growth and restoration of confidence in the business community have led to the stabilization of this desirable and important position. Aviation. “

He noted that Dance has a strong track record of being recognized as the most efficient aviation service provider in the region and is proud to implement the first steps in the region for improved minimum integration of air traffic within the control area.

The minimum measures to integrate aviation across the Dubai control area are part of the vision to transform Dubai into the world’s airport, improve the performance of its airspace and its airports, and improve the profitability of air carriers.

Mohammed Faisal al-Dosari, director of senior penetration and airports at the General Civil Aviation Authority, under the heading “Coordinating regulation regionally and globally,” said: “After the Govt.

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He expects the United Arab Emirates to prepare a draft law on the rules for helipads in the first quarter of 2023 and release it in the fourth quarter of 2023, which will take effect in the first quarter of 2024.

Al-Tosari explained that by 2022, personal users of 20,000 drones have been registered, 870 commercial drones have been registered, and 181 companies have registered commercial drones. Activates the function of these drones.

In turn, Yahya Abdullah Al Hammadi, CEO of Global Air Navigation Services Corporation “GANS”, in a speech entitled “Disruption of Air Traffic Management in Support for Industrial Recovery” said: Help plan routes and work with other stakeholders to reduce their overall carbon footprint.

Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum, Chairman of the Dubai Civil Aviation Authority and Chairman of the Emirates Group, today launched the 21st Annual Edition of the Airport Show, the world’s largest annual exhibition, at airport level.


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