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Dubai and Sharjah schools exceed world averages in “reading progress”.


The results of the Emirate of Dubai’s third participation in the International Survey of Reading Skills (PIRLS 2021) show that private school students in Dubai scored an average of 566 points, which is higher than the global average. The International Association for the Assessment of Educational Achievement – the organization that implements the international assessment – 500 points, according to the results of the international assessment, ranked sixth in the world, in which about 61 countries and cities of the world participated.

Private schools in the Emirate of Sharjah scored 519 points, surpassing the international average of 500, according to the results of an international survey measuring the progress of reading in the world.

Results of private schools in Sharjah are close to examination rates in countries such as Germany and France.

In detail, the UAE recorded the highest rate compared to Arab countries, with the participation of 663 public and private schools representing the country in the study.

Private schools in Dubai have recorded a significant improvement in student performance, with an average of 39 points compared to the 2016 session, and an average of 76 points compared to Dubai’s first participation in the 2011 session.

Compared to 12% in the 2016 session, 27% of private school students have achieved achievement levels within the international top tier of international assessments.

Private schools using the British curriculum achieved the best performance with 588 points, followed by private schools using the International Baccalaureate curriculum with 583 points.

Dr. Abdullah Al-Karam, Director General of the Knowledge and Human Development Authority in Dubai said, “These results reflect the reality of our schools and providing quality education and learning to our students with international standards. How school leaders, teachers, students and their parents worked together to overcome the challenges posed by the pandemic. Success of.” (Covid-19), especially during the implementation of this international study. He continued, “We are grateful to everyone in the education community in private schools for their positive role in improving the competitiveness of the private education system in Dubai and for insisting that education in Dubai be the best it can be. the world.”

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The results of a systematic analysis of the performance of private school students in the PIRLS study show that students who receive their education in private schools are in the “good” or better category, according to the Commission’s school survey classification. School inspection classifications in the authority have achieved rates that are higher than their counterparts in Dubai on the one hand and above the average on the other hand.

Private schools in the “Excellent” category scored an average of 631 points, while private schools in the “Very Good” category scored an average of 588 points. Schools in the “good” category scored an average of 564 points. The “Acceptable” category scored 519 points.

Fatima Ibrahim Balrahaif, executive director of the School Inspection Bureau, said the results of the international survey were similar to the results of the school survey, as private schools in the outstanding and best category showed performance above the global average. , and we are proud of the dedication and commitment our school community is showing to support our students during the “Covid” pandemic. All students in different situations and conditions.

The survey, which is conducted every five years, focuses on measuring the level of progress of Grade 4 students in acquiring basic reading and language skills.

Questionnaires in which students, parents, and caregivers participated, including data related to students’ early learning experiences, also provided an understanding of the circumstances surrounding students.

Private schools in the Emirate of Sharjah scored 519 points, exceeding the international average of 500, according to the results of an international study assessment.

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During the study period of 2021, 2,823 male and female students from 64 private schools out of 118 private schools in Sharjah participated, accounting for 54% of the total number of private schools in the emirate.

Compared to the last survey, the participation of private schools in Sharjah has doubled, with only 32 participating schools in 2016.

A selected sample (2823 male and female students) of private schools in the emirate represented five curricula, namely Australian, Indian, American, British and Ministry of Education, with 34% national students and 66% resident students, with an equal ratio of male and female.

Three schools scored 600 points or more, and 36 private schools scored above the international average (500 points), of which 14 schools scored at the high level (average above 550), and 31 schools scored at the intermediate level (between 475 and 550). By measure of performance in the study, and by categorizing results by curriculum, schools with British, Indian and Australian curricula topped the results with rates higher than or comparable to the global average of 500.

The International Survey of Reading Progress in the World (PIRLS) is an international standardized survey that has been conducted every five years since 2005 and is overseen by the International Organization for the Evaluation of School Achievement (IEA) to assess fourth-grade performance. Grade students through a random sample of schools, and performance is measured according to four levels: advanced, high, intermediate, and low.

It is to be noted that Sharjah Emirate will participate as a standard emirate during the next round of international exams and all private school students in the emirate will be tested.

The study was based on a cross-country comparison of fourth-grade students’ reading ability in their mother tongue.

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“Pearls” is based on a comprehensive framework that measures students’ understanding of a wide variety of texts. The “Fictional” Literary Text Reading Test measures students’ ability to relate to the text and relate events, places, actions, and outcomes. , characters, general atmosphere, feelings and ideas, enjoying the language itself and savoring the literature makes each reader use the text for his experiences, feelings and taste of the language.

The reading test measures a student’s ability to interact with informational texts to understand the world and what is happening in it now, or what has happened in the past, and includes scientific, historical, geographical, and social content.

3 factors

This study provides important data on the student’s experience at school and the impact of three factors on his learning and reading skills. The first factor is the school principal’s questionnaire, which includes school, students, curriculum, teaching methods, and improving reading. Capacity, teacher training, learning resources, discipline and behavior in school.

As for the second factor, it is about the student and measures the student’s perceptions of school and the classroom, his attitudes toward studying and learning at school, his relationship with his colleagues and teachers, and what he practices outside of school. Reading., activities and events implemented by guardian at home and views of parents on various aspects related to schools.

Dubai Schools

■■ 94% of private school students in Dubai have high digital self-efficacy.

■■ 87% of private school students are confident in their reading skills.

■■ Girls are 10 points higher than boys in reading ability.

■■ 90% of students in Dubai use digital devices to search for information.

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