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Rage and authorities shake in Kuwait.. Camera in women’s bathroom at bank | projects


The documents of a Kuwaiti girl whose phone was found in a photographic position in a women’s bathroom in a bank in Kuwait sparked widespread outrage among Kuwaitis, while government officials rushed to take the necessary steps in terms of follow-up, investigation and accountability.

Activists and tweeters widely circulated a video clip in which the girl documented a phone hidden in a women’s bathroom at a bank in the Farwaniya area of ​​Kuwait, with denial, anger and harsh criticism of the behavior.

The Kuwaiti daily, Al-Majlis, wrote that it “warns women against having hidden cameras in public bathrooms.”

In its episode (22/8/2023), the networks program tracked an aspect of Kuwaiti anger over the matter, including Muhammad al-Rashidi tweeting, “The camera is a person’s phone camera, he put it in a Kleenex box and put it in photographic mode inside the bathroom. … Personal behavior without knowledge.” The bank has found the phone and fingerprints are being removed to identify its owner.”

Abdullah Al-Muwahi responded to him with a tweet in which he wrote, “The law calls the subordinate responsible for the superior’s work. Criminal case and civil suit are filed with the bank seeking compensation. Subordinate’s (laborer’s) work.”

Al-Samaq wrote, “That is, at one time, in case of a crisis, if he entered an empty bathroom, he would turn the hidden cameras apart from his work while in a crisis.” Castle wrote, “So the phone won’t turn off the camera if we let it work with its spirit?

Commenting on Al-Majlis newspaper’s warning, Sarah said, “We warn? Someone catches you in every bathroom he takes? As mentioned before, this is a bank that straightens my skin with the rights of others? What kind of disease do they have? Suffering? Erythema epidemic??”.

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The girl who seized the bathroom camera sued the bank, the Kuwaiti Interior Ministry wrote, adding that “two Arabs and an Asian national were arrested on charges of misusing the phone,” and were referred to competent authorities to take legal action against them.

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