January 28, 2023

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Dubai Customs provides a safe and healthy work environment for inspectors

Dubai Customs provides a safe and healthy work environment for inspectors

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Dubai Customs has provided a safe and healthy work environment by initiating initiatives to maintain inspectors and support their productivity. Improvements to the refrigerated inspection umbrella and area implemented at the Hatta Border Post by the Department of Administrative Affairs commissioned for vehicle inspection; It has been completely redesigned to accommodate approximately 6 cars delivered on 3 lanes at prime time to streamline the process of procedures.
The umbrella has achieved many benefits including increasing the pleasure rate of passengers passing through the port, speeding up trials, increasing the rate of seizures and increasing the effectiveness of cross-border surveys. The air-conditioned canopy reached a temperature drop of 25 C inside the canopy, which, compared to 50 செல் C outside, led to a reduction in the thermal pressure of the probes during the inspection process, and this positively affected the smoothness and speed of the probes inside the port.
Qawla Al Sulais, Director of the Dubai Customs Department of Management Affairs, said: “The Dubai Customs Strategic Plan 2021: 2026 is based on development and modernization, improving the work environment, improving work efficiency and improving performance. The “adjusted inspection umbrella” initiative of research activities came through a secure work environment; Its main purpose is to improve the work environment and focus on employee and customer happiness. It maintains a steady flow of buses and cars across the Hatta border and has a positive effect on increasing productivity at work; This provided an opportunity for passengers to park their car during the test, while expediting tests at the port.
Al-Sulaysh pointed out that the process of activating the refrigerated inspection canopy took 45 days and included conductors and air curtains that prevented hot air from entering, while separating the cold air from the hot air coming from outside the canopy. Close and open the electronic doors of the tracks with an automatic control device.

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