February 6, 2023

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Dubai drives the clouds to rain

Faced with hot weather, the UAE decided to “sow” the clouds with the help of planes.

The crazy plan of the United Arab Emirates has come true. The Gulf country has been studying for years, “he said.Cloud seeding2, injecting different substances into nymphs and other cumulus clouds can affect their precipitation. The United Arab Emirates National Meteorological Center has successfully passed a complex process.

On Tuesday, July 20, the organization released various videos showing the artificial rain caused by an Emirati plane spreading salt crystals. The drones, which were parked in the clouds, were responsible for monitoring the electrical charges that were in operation during the test.

After all, the purpose of this process is to reduce the extremely high temperature that weighs down the city of Dubai: this Friday, the mercury there reached 43 C. This type of artificially induced rainfall also benefits agriculture during droughts. But cloud seeding is not a miracle method, it has been reported from our colleagues franceinfo: The duration or intensity of rainfall cannot be controlled by researchers. Some highways in Dubai have been submerged due to heavy rains.

Should we expect such climate change technologies in the West? Probably because the file has been collaborating for many years with the University of Reading in the United Arab Emirates.

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