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Dubai events promote the presence of traditional arts among the youth


Dubai is one of the most important cities in preserving and promoting Emirati folk music for the younger generation, as local musicians support local music acts and provide a great environment for local musicians to express themselves and hone their talents. Events related to Emirati culture are deeply rooted and express the feelings and emotions of the people. The United Arab Emirates has been around for decades and has maintained its identity and heritage to this day, thanks to the efforts of the relevant authorities in this regard. Preserve and protect heritage in all its forms and arts.

Among the things that contribute to the preservation of Emirati folk music in Dubai are several official cultural institutions, various cultural centers and popular music art galleries with most of the international exhibitions and events held in Dubai. They are eager to make them part of the public scene, to express originality and heritage.

Dubai organizes many music events aimed at the younger generation to encourage young people to discover and participate in local musical talent, such as the Dubai Youth Music Festival organized by Dubai Culture and Arts Authority “Dubai Culture”. Young music groups and artists are hosted to showcase their talents to the public. Dubai supports Emirati folk music through media outlets. Local media, television and radio are eager to shed light on popular music and its creators. Due to this support, talented youngsters are able to emerge and gain fame in the local and international arena. Encourage creative youth in Emirati folk music.

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Fatima Al Jallaf, Executive Director of the Performing Arts Department at the Dubai Culture and Arts Authority (Dubai Culture), affirmed that Dubai plays an important role in the sustainability of ancient Emirati art and artistic heritage. He added: In Dubai culture, as Emirati art, music and traditional and popular arts have started to decline, we strive to practice ancient Emirati art in all its forms and ensure its continuity among them in the long run. For a limited time, more support is needed through more specialized courses and workshops.” “Especially for the current generation, to preserve it immortality and showcase young artistic talent.”

He continued: “We must preserve traditional arts and popular music and teach them to the new generation in schools and universities, through awareness and education programs organized by Dubai Culture in this field, in addition to intensive and specialized courses in each of these arts, a comprehensive program that will greatly help in this matter. We are working on the strategy.

Emirati artist Ibrahim Juma pointed out that Emirati traditional arts need more attention and teach the new generation in innovative and significant ways, stressing that cultural institutions have an important role in focusing on these arts and bringing them back to the scene. without any change in their function.

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