June 26, 2022

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Photo .. Description page for "Spider-Man" movie is selling at record price

Photo .. Description page for “Spider-Man” movie is selling at record price

The original page of one of the pre-1984 “Secret Wars” comic strips sold for a record $ 3.36 million at an auction in the United States on Thursday.

This makes Spider-Man the most powerful superhero in the auction.

This page, taken from the eighth issue of the “Secret Wars” series, published by Marvel Comics in 1984 and 1985, was created by Mike Jack and contains three boxes.

In it, the superhero first appears in a black costume, which contributes to the formation of a symbiote (an alien parasite) and the super villain “Venom”.

The auction house, Heritage Auctions, on page 25 of the story “Includes the major development announced on the cover! That’s where Peter Parker (the young man hiding behind the Spider-Man mask) gets his new black suit. “

And, “This is a suit that hides a secret! It soon becomes clear that she is alive and has her own plan, which is why Venom was born.

The page was initially offered for $ 330,000.

The previous record for selling an original page from an American comic strip was sold for about $ 657,000, from 2014, when Wolverine first appeared on “The Incredible Hulk” magazine in 1974.

During a four-day auction in Dallas, Texas, Heritage Auctions reported that a copy of the 1938 first edition of Superman’s debut “Auction Comics” sold for $ 3.18 million.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, in the past, two other copies have fetched high prices at auction.