March 20, 2023

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"Dubai International Nutrition" offers 7 recommendations for treating malnutrition and strengthening the immune system

“Dubai International Nutrition” offers 7 recommendations for treating malnutrition and strengthening the immune system

The Dubai International Conference on Nutrition 7 presented recommendations on the need to use modern technology in the prevention and treatment of malnutrition and other diseases to stimulate the immune system, especially in the control and treatment of obesity, diabetes and nutrition-related diseases. .

In a press release on the sidelines of the conference, Shaimaa Hussain Qaid, Executive Director of the Medical Nutrition Department of the Dubai Health Authority, held several discussion sessions and concluded it after a discussion among the nutritionists who attended the conference. With 7 key recommendations to ensure a healthy lifestyle based on proper nutrition. .

The seven recommendations include “focusing on baby nutrition at all stages of life, from pregnancy to childbirth, and focusing on raising nutrition awareness among mothers to choose foods that are suitable for their babies, without following advertisements.” And focus on children’s preferences and school students. “

He continued, “Recommendations include the introduction of modern methods and intensive care in all hospitals, as well as the adoption of new approaches to the pursuit of obesity and diabetes through new nutrition and technology awareness programs and the use of these applications to serve all. Community members.”

According to the conference chairman, the fifth recommendation calls for the use of new and improved guidelines for the treatment of cancer patients in hospitals, while the sixth recommendation aims to increase the importance of awareness programs for physicians in hospitals. The nutritionist, and the integration of their role in serving the patient and speeding up his or her recovery.

The seventh recommendation includes increasing awareness and awareness of nutrition among athletes at all levels, building a solid, nutritious and physically active generation, and increasing cooperation with sports organizations, the Health Commission and those concerned with athletic nutrition. Better and better.

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Qaed said proper nutrition plays an important role in determining corona infection, strengthening the immune system and protecting patients from dangerous complications in hospitals and isolation centers.

During its three days, 66 speakers attended the conference, where they discussed the latest studies on corona epidemic and a number of themes related to human health and its various implications for society in various countries around the world, including the United Arab Emirates. Studies and improvements on nutritional interventions, nutritional interventions, and sports in the treatment of patients with cancer, diabetes and other diseases Recent scientific research and nutrition recommendations for athletes.

The Dubai Health Authority was keen to organize the current session of the conference with full commitment to preventive measures in light of the integrated precautionary environment and the challenges posed by the Govt-19 epidemic, and the authority provided full opportunity for physicians and specialists. And those interested in participating in this conference (remotely) through modern technologies.

The conference was attended by more than 800 physicians, professionals and experts from around the world (800) under the slogan “Challenges in Nutrition, Flexibility and Sustainability”.

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