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Dubai is a favorite destination for many Montpellier footballers


Lots of players from all over the world are now flying to Dubai. The capital of the United Arab Emirates, considered the Saint-Tropez of the Gulf, has been a Preferred target for athletes and especially footballers. The pilots were no exception to the trend: Junior Zambia, Thibaut Vargas, Sami Benjamma or even Kylian Kaipu went there, after the season ended in Ligu 1.

Ilham Kaladi, Founder of the company My vacation in Dubai, Believes he is an accompanying footballer “Try to relax for a minute in a city, while good weather, blue skies, and the perfect temperature of 30 to 35 degrees throughout the year combine. “ According to him, “They come looking for a festive page or discovery for those who come with family. Then they are less known in Dubai because security. Hotels also privatize places for them.” She explains, so they don’t “Angered by fans who can recognize them on the street“.

But Dubai and its three-and-a-half million people, the eastern capital of luxury shopping with ultra-modern and sometimes unmatched architecture, are not just a haven for peace in search of wealthy athletes. “Silence“, This is an access Structures and equipment that allow for seasonal or off-season maintenance : “Gyms are available for football players, with the latest technology machines. They can also call coaches. There are even retired football coaches here. In terms of body shape, we can say that Dubai is a good place for an athlete who wants to maintain a certain toughness, depending on his duties with his club.“.

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Dubai is especially popular for festive and lively nights © AFP
Giuseppe Cokes

Dubai targets athletes and footballers

To improve your city and ensure communication on social networks from footballers following millions of fans, Dubai usually invites planetary football stars to come and stay or settle in its oasis.. The city, which has made Maradona its sports ambassador, also organizes events to attract them Globe Soccer AwardS, a ceremony to reward actors in the field.

Otherwise, Some international footballers have chosen to sign up for Emirati clubs, In recent years, (Johann Cafe, Luca Tony, Jonathan Pitroba, Ryan Mendes, Lasana Diera, George Wee), Montpellier’s new coach, Oliver Doll Oglio was also an assistant to the National Exam In 2008.

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