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Dubai Police Inspectors.. specialized in solving traffic cases


Traffic accident investigators at Dubai Police Headquarters play a vital role in uncovering their causes, be they natural or criminal dimensions.

Traffic accident investigators at Bur Dubai Police Station have been successful in solving unknown traffic cases in the area and finding those responsible, thanks to their high training and expertise in cooperation and coordination of various departments.

Brigadier Abdullah Khadim bin Sorour Al-Massim, Director of Bur Dubai Police Station, emphasized the centre’s interest in improving safety and security in the area under its jurisdiction.

Identification of the deceased

In the traffic cases handled by traffic accident investigators at Bur Dubai Police Station, the investigation team was able to identify a person who died in a traffic accident from a piece of paper found 70 meters away from the scene of the accident.

Regarding the details, Captain Ahmed Khalban Bin Lahej, head of the Traffic Registration Department of Bur Dubai Police Station, explained that the investigator in charge of these cases explained that the deceased driver was driving a small saloon car on Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road. He swerved suddenly and wrongly to take one of the exits and as a result, he collided with a truck traveling in its right lane.

He pointed out that the driver died instantly when the fire spread to the body of the car and its temperature affected the shape of its external structure, and only half of its number plates contained two numbers, so it was difficult to identify the driver and access his data through them.

He noted that the incident investigation team began to inspect and plan from a distance of 100 meters from the accident site, and an investigator noticed a paper on a steel barricade near a wall about 70 meters from the accident site. Street in both directions, so he hurried to take it.

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He explained that an examination of the paper revealed that it was a paper of a government agency working in the health sector, so he contacted them and got the number of the owner of the paper and it was changed. It was clear that he was the real owner of the car, but he was alive.

When the owner of the car was asked for the identity of the driver, he confirmed that he was his friend and he indicated that he had taken it to complete some of his needs, as this paper and according to the observation of the accuracy investigator, the identity of the deceased was quickly identified and all necessary steps were taken.

Crossed a signal and crashed

In the second case, Bur Dubai Police Station was told that an unidentified car driver crossed a red light and was hit by a scooter user who was traveling in the right lane and fled the scene. As a result, the scooter user sustained serious injuries and fractured bones and was later rushed to hospital. Captain Ahmad Bin Lahej also said that the Traffic Registration Department and investigators searched for the vehicle that caused the accident until they found it in a parking lot 2.8 kilometers away from the accident site, without the driver.

After scanning the fingerprints on the car, it was found that the lease agreement was registered in the name of an Asian. Along with a woman, after causing an accident, he stopped the car and fled using a taxi, so he was later arrested.

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Luxury car

In a third case, the Bur Dubai center handled a complaint by a woman who said her car had been rear-ended and that her attacker had fled in a “luxury” car.

Captain Ahmad Bin Lahej confirmed that accident investigators went to the scene and could not identify the runaway car, so the team worked in coordination with the General Operations Department to widen the search circle for the car based on information about its type. and the Department of Public Transport and circulated its explanations and addressed the Roads and Transport Authority in Dubai on the matter.

He indicated that through research, investigation and follow-up, the team discovered that the luxury car was nothing more than a rental car belonging to a rental office.

Piece on the floor

In the fourth case, the Bur Dubai Police Station handled a complaint by a woman who said a car hit her car and the driver fled the scene, adding information about the type of car. Only for two numbers of its license plate. Captain Ahmed bin Lahej confirmed that the Traffic Investigation Team went to the scene of the accident and worked on planning it and found a “piece” on the front of the fleeing car. Guess where the car is and capture it.

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