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Hala Sarhan Responds After His “Reference” Allegations About Saudi Arabia’s Role In Shark Attacks


DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (CNN) — Egyptian media outlet Hala Sarhan has responded to “implied” allegations of what she said was Saudi Arabia’s role in the shark attack on a Russian tourist in Hurghada a few days ago. Mentioned Saudi Arabia.

In the context of his reply to a tweeter, Sarhan said: “Thanks, Abu Saud, but I assure you that I did not point out any reference and it did not occur to me to mention Saudi Arabia in the headlines.

And Egyptian media continued: “The invitation to an Egyptian-Saudi meal is beautiful. Whenever we eat bread and salt together since ancient times.”

Sarhan sparked a conversation among activists on social media after a tweet dealing with a shark attack in Egypt’s Hurghada and the resulting death of a Russian tourist.

He said in his tweet at the time: “I thought yesterday, what did he come to us in the first place? It’s against all the laws of the seas and oceans. The shark lives only in the deep dark depths. How can a shark travel so far into water that is considered shallow? Behind it is a dead goat. Came.. thinking about this for a while and looking for a beneficiary.. What happened, how many days ago was the disaster? A very, very important incident happened. It seems that the shark was sent on purpose to attack Egyptian tourism and generate foreign income. As the saying goes, hit where it hurts, God willing, out of Egypt. will be guarded. Intrigues, conspiracies, war of the fourth and fifth generations, parades and sharks that do not happen to us by chance, “according to her.

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