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“Dubai Ports” Pavilion … “Expo 2020” is an architectural and technical icon that will captivate the audience


DP World has completed its preparations for the global event “Expo 2020 Dubai”, where it is participating in an integrated pavilion, which is an architectural and technical icon that attracts visitors from various groups and is based on the concept of “improving flow”. Trade movement “and demonstrates its role in the implementation of the trade movement around the world so that people can get what they want and when they want it.
In an exclusive interview with DP World – UAE Region and Jaffa CEO and Director General Abdullah bin Temaidan Emirates News Agency “WAM”, Expo 2020 Dubai is just a brief description of the motto “Connecting the Mind and Creating the Future” Dubai Ports Represents All Values . And successes in its past life, making it the most integrated trade and logistics center in the region, with more than 180 business units in 64 countries on six continents. Based on this superior interdependence, it enables the future of the supply chain and supply chain to be created, enables communities to produce and succeed, and offers its members the opportunity to realize the ambitious dream of creating a better future.
He stressed that their goal in participating in the event is to introduce Dubai ports and open borders to the world. The best planet where people and nations can exchange benefits and added value, and everyone gets their right to life. Be generous with fair trade.
He pointed out the exceptional opportunity to achieve this vision through the modern technologies that Dubai ports possess, which will overcome many of the challenges previously faced by global economies, securing the importance or difficulty of accessing the resources of key commodities such as food and medicine. And in cultivating efficient access to the supply chain, and what is promised by modern technologies in the field of hydroponics and vertical farms, the company accepts its many business units and its premises, they hope to create a better future for communities, and this event will be a great opportunity to mobilize the efforts of the world with them.
He also spoke about the products of the DP World – Emirates region for the launch of Expo 2020 and the benefits and services it offers to participating countries. It has introduced a number of smart services, especially warehousing services and various types of warehouses that showcase its products during the event to meet the needs of closed or refrigerated companies and benefit from logistics and transportation as well as all that is required for permits and exhibitions.
In preparation for the event, Ibn Dameithan stressed on the development of the handling blocks undertaken by the Jebel Ali Port and the increase in the handling blocks due to the quantity of construction and construction materials used in the construction of the State Head Office and the unique Expo buildings. This important event indicates that the maximum capacity of Jebel Ali Port is 22.4 million TEUs.
The company seeks to increase the port’s logistics capacity through a number of quality projects, the most important of which is the expansion of the food and agricultural products terminal, the patented “boxbox” system for handling and storage of containers on elevated floors of steel shelves up to 11 storeys. In executing container movements, this increases the capacity of the conventional terminal by more than three. Method and so on can reduce the space consumed from the terminal by 70 percent.
“DP World – Emirates Region” and “Jaffa” were able to combine businesses in the fields of shipping, logistics, licensing and many more to create a business-friendly and motivating environment, he said. Support from government agencies and other national agencies in completing the gold logistics triangle for land, sea and air cargo, referred to as “import capacity”, “export capacity” and “economic assembly capacity”.
The company has strengthened all of this by adopting the best practices of licensing companies and encouraging investment in business, service and industry. The integration with the Etihad Railroad at Jebel Ali Port will be an added value to the multi-model interconnection network, adding an unprecedented extension to the supply chain industry, especially with the future full integration with the railway network tracks in the Gulf Cooperation Council countries.
Also about the opportunities for international companies participating in Expo 2020 to attract commercial parks and Dubai ports and the “Zafza” Free Zones. Attractive. The concept of “improving the flow of the business movement” highlights the role of the “DP world” in activating the business movement around the world. People can get the items they need whenever they want.
He explained that the design of the pavilion is in line with the sub-themes of Expo 2020 Dubai, which are: opportunities, mobility and sustainability. It is a mobile display area with five platforms and four exhibition areas, capabilities for global business and logistics links, including communication and connectivity display area, and high-speed transport and seamless shipping with the latest innovations of a high-speed transport and uninterrupted port. Then comes the Opportunity Scene section, which tells the story of a group that helps individuals in different communities around the world succeed and achieve their dreams. Finally, comes the Sustainability Exhibition area, which presents efforts to reduce carbon emissions and combat environmental pollution, with plans to achieve “zero carbon emissions” in all its activities by 2050.
In doing so, we will ensure a comprehensive tour of corporate and business visitors who visit the exhibition with information enhanced by visual quality, highlighting the added value they can achieve by upgrading their business to world-class logistics and trade center. Sustainability encourages them to take the next step by implementing their business in Dubai and working with thousands of international companies to achieve exceptional success in their business operations.
He said the “Flow Pavilion” established within the Expo activities will be a hub of education and enlightenment for future generations to achieve leadership in the economy and smart fair trade. Universities will participate over a six-month period, with Flow Labs allowing students to learn about the future of carbon-free shipping by playing virtual and real games.

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