June 6, 2023

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Dubai real estate sells 1172 units for 2.7 billion dirhams in a week

Dubai real estate sells 1172 units for 2.7 billion dirhams in a week

Dubai: “Gulf”

Real estate transactions in the Dubai real estate sector have exceeded 4.9 billion dirhams. Apartments and villas, 2.73 billion dirhams.

The most important land sale was 64 million dirhams in the second Jumeirah area, 50 million dirhams in the fourth al-Tania area, followed by a pledge of 43 million dirhams in the estates of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid.

Al Habia Fifth District topped the list with 62 pledges of 135 million dirhams, followed by the fourth Al Habiyah area with 21 pledges of 155 million dirhams and Al Yafra 2 with 15 pledges. Million dirhams.

The most important sale of apartments and villas was in the Business Bay area with a pledge of 270 million dirhams, followed by a third pledge of 50 million dirhams in the Umm Sukeem area and finally 33 million dirhams in the Muaisem area.

Business Bay Region topped the list in terms of number of loyalty pledges for apartments and villas, recording 150 pledges of 522 million dirhams, followed by Dubai Marina with 129 383 million dirhams, followed by Burj Khalifa. 71 pledges of 250 million dirhams.

Mortgages were 1.25 billion dirhams, including 76 mortgages, 449.99 million dirhams and 282 villas and flats, 801.9 million dirhams.

Of the donations, 55 donations were recorded worth 195.59 million dirhams, the most important being 25 million dirhams in the Palm Jumeirah area and 22 million dirhams in the second al-Tania area. .

On the other hand, in the last days of the week, 227 pledges of 589.85 million dirhams were recorded in real estate transactions, of which 14 pledged allegiance to land worth 103.27 million dirhams and 213 pledges of loyalty to apartments and villas. 486.58 million dirhams.

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