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The “Nobel Number” charity auction for famous numbers kicks off in Abu Dhabi on Wednesday


  • Exclusive Vehicle Plate Numbers:
  • 2, 11 and 20 of the second type, 99 of the first type and 999 of the second type

Abu Dhabi: “Gulf”

In conjunction with “Saeed’s Humanitarian Day”, the Nobel Peace Prize Auction will open in Abu Dhabi on Wednesday, April 20, 2022, in support of the region’s largest “Billion Meals” initiative. Through “Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Global Initiatives”, its proceeds go to food aid for the poor and needy, especially vulnerable children, refugees, displaced people and those affected by crises and disasters in 50 countries.

Entrepreneurs, philanthropists and humanitarian pioneers and supporters of relief efforts in the United Arab Emirates around the world will take part in the charity auction, bidding on five unique numbers for vehicle plates and ten unique numbers for mobile phones. It will go back to supporting the humanitarian goals of the “Billion Meals” initiative and tackling the challenge of hunger. It threatens the lives of 800 million people worldwide.

The “Nobel Number” auction is being held in Abu Dhabi in collaboration with the Emirates Auctions, the Abu Dhabi Police, Emirates Etisalat and Emirates’ integrated telecommunications company Du.

Exclusive Numbers

At the Foundation Auction in Abu Dhabi, the unique number plates of the vehicles in Abu Dhabi are displayed, with the second category number 2, the second category numbers 11 and 20, the first category 99 and the second category number 999.

The auction will take place on Wednesday evening, April 20 at the Emirates Palace Hotel.

The third most expensive special number

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It comes after the “Nobel Number” Foundation organized a similar cycle of auctions in Dubai on Saturday, April 16, and succeeded in raising 53 million dirhams in support of the “One Billion Food” initiative. It recorded the third most valuable unique number for a vehicle plate worth 35 million dirhams for the AA8 plate number issued in Dubai, and the diamond mobile number Etisalat 0549999999 reached 5 million dirhams.

Diamonds and special numbers

The “Noble Number” Foundation auction in Abu Dhabi shows a group of unique mobile phone numbers from “Etisalat” and “Du”.

The list of diamond numbers in “Etisalat” includes five unique numbers: 0547444444, 0542244444, 05424222222, 0547799999, 0567777772222

Du also offers five unique numbers: 0589999996, 0586666662, 0581111114, 0582444444, 0586222222.

Innovation to expand the circle of charitable work

The Charity Auction is an innovative option to expand the circle of humanitarian work by involving merchants and humanitarian pioneers in targeted initiatives such as “Billion Meals” seeking to provide a food safety net for those in need in the most needy areas of the United Arab Emirates.

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