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Dubai real estate transactions 1.14 billion dirhams


Yesterday, real estate transactions in the Dubai land sector took place over 1.14 billion dirhams.

Of the 271 pledges valued at 827.83 million dirhams, 81 were pledged for 316.98 million dirhams worth of land and 190 pledges for apartments and villas worth 510.85 million dirhams.

Land for sale

AED 43 million is the most important land sale in the “Palm Jumeirah” area, followed by a 19 million dirhams pledge in the “Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Gardens” area, followed by a 13 million dirhams pledge in the same area.

“Jebel Ali First” ranks first in the region in terms of the number of believers, with 33 pledges worth 83 million dirhams, followed by the “Fifth Habih” section with 28 pledges worth 66 million dirhams, and the third with Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid’s promise of 40 million dirhams.

Apartments and Villas

The most important sale of three apartments and villas in the “Business Bay” area is worth 41, 32 and 32 million dirhams.

The “Dubai Marina” area topped the list in terms of number of loyalties for apartments and villas, with 23 pledges of 68 million dirhams, followed by 20 pledges of 121 million dirhams, and a third share in “Al Barsha South Fort”. 121 million. With 17 pledges of faith worth 12 million dirhams.

Mortgages and Gifts

Mortgages were 301.46 million dirhams, including 17 mortgages, 226.21 million dirhams and 97 mortgages for villas and flats, valued at 75.25 million dirhams.

Of the donations, 11 donations were recorded worth 9.96 million dirhams, the main being in the “Dubai Investment Park II” area worth four million dirhams and the other two in the “Dubai Marina” area. Million dirhams.

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«Jebel Ali al-Ola த்தார் topped the regions in the number of believers.

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