June 9, 2023

Dubai Week

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Dubai recorded 457 real estate sales worth AED 5.96 billion.

Today real estate transactions in the Dubai land sector are over 6.3 billion dirhams.
According to the daily report of activities, 457 loyalty pledges worth Dh5.96 billion were registered, of which 52 pledged land worth Dh4.78 billion and 405 apartments and villas were sold worth Dh1.18 billion. .
Mortgages recorded a value of 334.39 million dirhams, while donations recorded 25 donations with a value of 61.22 million dirhams.
The most significant land sale came in the Maqdara area with a value of four billion dirhams, followed by a pledge of 631 million dirhams in the “Al-Layan 1” area and then a pledge of 35 million dirhams in the Abu Hail area.
“Al-Habibiya Fourth” topped the number of sales as it recorded 15 pledges worth 146 million dirhams, followed by Al-Habibiya Region in fifth, which recorded 11 pledges worth 30 million dirhams, and “Hind City 4” a third, for eight million dirhams. Seven sales were recorded.
The most significant sales of apartments and villas were three sales in the Palm Jumeirah area, the first sale for 76 million dirhams, the second for 58 million dirhams and the third sale for 50 million dirhams.
Dubai Marina topped the sales of apartments and villas as it recorded 40 pledges worth AED 86 million, followed by Qairan First, which recorded 39 pledges at AED 73 million, a third in Al Barsha area, and the fourth South, at AED 33 million. By registering 34 Pledges of Allegiance in Hon.