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“Dubai Roads” grants the right to name the “Um Al Shaif” station to the “Equity” group.


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The Roads and Transportation Authority of Dubai has granted the right to name the Umm Al Sheif Metro Station to an equity group specializing in financial intermediary services for individuals, companies and organizations, thus renaming it the “Equity” Metro Station. The station has been located on the red line of the Dubai Metro Network for a period of 10 years. It is characterized by its strategic and key location due to its connection with many important and important streets and proximity to popular landmarks. Dubai in the United Arab Emirates.

Commenting on the partnership, Abdul Mohsen Ibrahim, Executive Director, Roads and Transport Authority, said: “The naming rights for metro stations represent a rewarding investment opportunity for various companies and businesses in the United Arab Emirates to enhance their brands. Dubai Emirate, which is a unique interface for various poles and a platform for large financial and business enterprises. Dubai Metro stations are a strategic location for investors to showcase their brands because Dubai is an important part of metro transportation in the Emirates and is a strategic hub for the daily movement of hundreds of thousands of different members of the community.

He added: In addition to the confidence and participation of large corporations and investors in the Roads and Transport Authority’s projects in Dubai, the value of the Emirate of Dubai and the reality of business at various levels is assured. This important sector contributes to sustainable economic growth. “

Iskander Al-Najjar, CEO and co-founder of Equity Group, said: “Equity Group is proud to be called part of Dubai’s infrastructure and community and has granted the naming rights to one of the most important metro stations. Special place on Sheikh Saeed Road. Al-Najjar added: “As a global broker, we are delighted to be cooperating with the Roads and Transport Authority to become the most important broker with many and reputed assets and bases in the UAE.”

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Mohammed Al-Ahmad, CEO and Institutional Partner of Equity Securities Brokerage LLC in Equity Group, expressed his delight over the partnership and stressed that the Equity Group wants to be involved in the UAE community and keep its financial services close to all. Sections of customers in this generous country.

In April 2022, the authority will begin to change the name of the station on the exterior panels, and on the smart and electronic systems of the public transport system, to transform it into an “Equiti” metro station. Metro cars, before and after arriving at the train station, to introduce the new name to commuters and station goers.


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