May 28, 2023

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Dubai: Tucson Flavors in Boro | Gilles Butlowski’s Blog

Jitu Yadav and Fodi © FA

Our correspondent in Dubai, the dissatisfied Fadi Abo, introduces us to “The” Italian restaurant in the city located in the Turtle Lake in Jumeirah Al Naseem.. A Tuscan pearl signed in Ferragamo …

Rural Legume Salad © D.R.

The Ilboro Estate in Tuscany, owned by the Ferragamo family, represents a rich heritage of over a thousand years and one of the most coveted vacation spots in the world. Boro Tuscan Bistro Dubai, hosted by Jittu Yadav, offers this history, this inherent hospitality and this biodynamic approach to a truly gastronomic experience in an elegant and refined atmosphere.

Truffle Pizza © FA

The food is a modern interpretation of the Tuscan classics, authentic to the distribution of quality ingredients and with organic extra virgin olive oil, honey and products unique to ilboro, such as select vegetables from the organic farm., “Arto del Boro”. Chef Fulvio Opalio, trained at one of Turin’s most prestigious culinary schools and under the tutelage of Mario Sofia, brings his interest in artisan cuisine here, playing the “rustic-chic” game with the most Tuscan elegance.

Tagliadelle © FA with Truffle

We have a feast here of beef carpaccio garnished with parmesan, chopped almond and arugula leaves, also known as mustard and honey vinaigrette or primitive lentil salad. From Norcia in Ascria – very close to Tuscany – we offer fragrant mushroom delights for black food, garnishing crumpled pizza al dartofo like broken toggletel with broken groceries and minced parmesan. We then proceed with the grilled Mediterranean sea bass fillet, which is a soft mashed pea and mint or a super cacciucco alla Livornese, a live baulaboys in Livorno.

Cacciucco alla Livornese © D.R.

Finally, we present the pleasures of a wine list that truly represents the Ferragamo family’s Grand Cross. We fall for the beautiful Beast Rose, Pollo de Boro 2012, the most brand new Lamelle in Boro 2019 and the elegant and most brilliant Rose del Boro 2010. The final dessert will not be forgotten, is a (delicious) Tahitian vanilla bean cheesecake with a blueberry compote that turns out to be a “torta al pharmagio fresco”.

Blueberry Compote Cheesecake © D.R.

We still enjoy a simple but elegant apple pie surrounded by its vanilla ice cream. Boro in Viva! Viva Italia!

Jitu Yadav and Chef Fulvio Opalio © FA

In Boro Tuscan Bistro Dubai

Jumeirah Al Naseem Hotel, Turtle Lagoon

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Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Phone. : 04 275 2555

Hours: 12.00 noon to 4.30 pm. 7pm.-11.30pm.

Weekly completion. : Anything.

Price: 70.