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Biohacking in Dubai: “Hack” his body to improve his health


The principle of biohacking and participatory biology is the use of all kinds of technologies to improve physical and cognitive functions. The movement is becoming especially popular in Dubai. Its followers “hack” their bodies by making more changes. Or testing, including implants and DNA, sometimes controversial procedures.

“Biohacking is a new term that people are beginning to use.” Says Dr. Nasr Al Jaffari, Medical Director of DNA Health, “To commission this research to improve cognitive, mental or physical performance or to qualify those who want to live longer and better health throughout their lives.”

“There will always be deceptive methods”

This procedure Uses all natural or technological ways to improve your health. But beware of Charlottes.

“Many of these interventions have a solid foundation, but it’s like everything: there will always be people who use deceptive methods without any scientific basis.” Identify Dr. Nasr Al Jaffari. “They start when you simply hear about the technology when there is no technical basis, but that does not mean there is no technique that can really improve your health, live longer or improve its performance.” He insists.

The doctor uses biohacking methods for himself. “I look at four essential elements of my lifestyle: diet, exercise, stress control and sleep,” Before adding he says: “Many people today do this, with detailed analyzes that most people usually do not use on their own, either orally or intravenously – I use the most precise protocols when it comes to food. He mentions.

“Act when you are in good health”

Biohacking, Basically, does not offer anything new: many of us try to have a healthy diet, adequate sleep and regular physical activity. It is the consistency and intensity with which these principles are applied that make all the difference.

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“Biohacking is, above all, consistent with this quest for better performance and higher productivity, especially during the years when I am in good health, when I am active.” Says Asim Janjua, founder of Mamo and a “biohacker”. “I don’t know what will happen next, but at least I can function when I’m active, healthy, working, running, exercising.” he said.

According to the most experienced followers you need to have enough information about your own body’s needs to get results.

“We involve a lot of biohacking in food intake, which is a good thing.” Before joining, Asim Janjua announces: “But, for me, this is level 3 of biohacking. In my opinion, level one,” He adds, “Having an embraced diet and understanding what you are eating and focusing on the quality of the ingredients you eat. The second level is to focus on one’s diet and in addition to maintaining a proper body function.” He calculates. “Personally, I’ve been jogging for a long time.” He points out.

“There is also the fact that everyone is responsible for their own efforts [qui me plaît dans cette démarche], “ Refers to the biohacker. “That way, you avoid taking magic pills or supplements that allow you to benefit from these types of benefits.” He recommends.

Ice bath, photosynthesis and vitamin infusion

Ice baths, intermittent fasting, small heart rate recorders or even a mushroom drink that replaces coffee … Offer This important place is very wide.

“We exhibit very low temperatures for therapeutic purposes.” Co-founder and senior partner Benny Parihar reports Cryo Health, Welcomes us to his establishment, “Mainly for health benefits, mainly to reduce inflammation, but also for other things like increasing your physical performance, your collagen production or being in better shape overall.”

Penny Parrikar “Robber” with her own body:“I do cryotherapy and red light photobimodulation, but I also do nerve injections to better supplement vitamins, and I wear an attached fitness bracelet that tells me my calorie consumption, what my exercise levels are, and so on.” He lists. He then presents his bench with a red light, in which we rest for fifteen minutes under specific lights.

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Many of us already do biohacking without realizing it by monitoring our sleep, diet or heart rate. Some take further experience through methods that can cause health risks by freeing themselves from patent and traditional medicine.

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