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Dubai’s “Museum Complex”…Historical Treasures Adorn Mirfa Market


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The museum complex at Port Market offers visitors what can be described as rare historical treasures, some of which are 200 years old or more.
In one place there is a museum hub, which reflects the industries and tools used by the ancestors of that time, worth more than 100 million dirhams, collected by hand, as well as stamps stamped from all post offices in 255 countries.

These unique collections range from hand-painted portraits and portraits of UAE leaders, to original antiques and jewelery worn by women at weddings, as well as clothing, accessories and vintage perfumes.

The museum houses communication devices, books, furniture, toys, handmade tools, musical instruments, fishing gear, coins and rare pearl boxes dating back 100 years.
There are Mandus chests of all types and sizes over 50 years old, and Mandus over 200 years old.

Nasser Sulaiman, the founder of the museum complex, says he has been collecting artifacts and antiquities for 25 years to pass on the heritage to future generations and introduce tourists and residents to the country’s historical stages. Like brass, red copper and gold, it was bought from Britain.

Dalal comes in many varieties including agricultural dalla and we have the world’s first akal museum where there are 5 akals made of 250 years old leather, silk, gold and (lavender).

Sulaiman added: The tourist was surprised to see the women’s akal.. Many areas can be said to have women’s akals, and we have five rare heads, three heads made of gold, a headdress made of leather and women. A headdress made of gold threads that has been made for 300 years or more.

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The museum has rare gemstones, a rare frame about 300 years old and mandus about 150 years old. The museum houses some of the equipment used in hospitals in the Emirates in the past, such as beds, stretchers, crutches and some instruments. As for needles, in the sixties, each emirate had only three needles and their manufacture was different. There was a glass needle and an iron needle. Before the advent of alcohol, doctors sterilized needles by boiling or using sulfur. We have 3 million communication cards and rare electronic artefacts related to old films.

We have the Women’s Museum and the “Al-Karraz” Museum, he added. The museum has more than 100 years of collections, all of which are local, “Al-Karraz” is the industry of shoe manufacturing, the museum has a lot of artisans.
In September, he pointed out, 10 million masterpieces will be on display, including private collections, including antiquities from all Gulf countries except Morocco. Nasser noted that an agreement was signed with a museum in Noblesse, an ancient museum representing the pyramids of Egypt, an agreement was signed with a Washington museum, and now there are strategic agreements with more than one museum.

For his part, Muhammad Ali Salem Al-Sahmi, a participant and owner of a private museum, said: We are exhibiting some traditional collections with the aim of introducing this great cultural and historical heritage to our children and tourists, such as introducing these copper pots. And a piece of copper bearing the Dubai National Bank logo, 60 kg and 50 years old logo, which is no longer in use, and we also display quantities and weights exported from the municipalities of Dubai, Sharjah and Ajman. their governments.

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Presenting the Emirati currency printed dagger. In earlier times, a person was known by his dagger and the inscriptions on it, sheikhs had daggers, others for merchants, and the daggers were made of materials according to their countries. For example, here is Swahili Boxing. A (unicorn) horn.


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