June 5, 2023

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Reacting to Biden's Slip of the Tongue About the "Holocaust" in Israel

Reacting to Biden’s Slip of the Tongue About the “Holocaust” in Israel

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (CNN) — Activists on social media widely circulated a “slip of the tongue” of US President Joe Biden, who spoke about the “Holocaust” during a visit to Israel, sparking a backlash.

“Let’s throw away the truth and honor of the Holocaust,” says Biden: “Let’s preserve the truth and horror of the Holocaust…and honor those we lost.”

On his tour of the region, Biden told Israel’s Channel 12 that his visit to Saudi Arabia was not related to oil prices, insisting that “this trip is about stability in the Middle East” and mending relations after the Trump administration said it was “sorting out.” Withdrawn.”

“It’s in America’s interest to have more stability in the Middle East,” Biden said, adding, “For every reason, it makes sense for me to go to the GCC.”

Biden again took aim at the Trump presidency, saying the “broader picture” was that, “with the last administration we pulled away from the Middle East — there were people who thought we were going to create a vacuum. China and/or Russia would fill it. We can’t allow that.”

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