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“Education” conducts admission tests for schools of the best students. Schools for top students


Written by Mahmood Taha Hussain

Sunday, August 13, 2023 at 08:00 AM

The Ministry of Education and Technical Education started conducting examinations for advanced students from Saturday, August 12 to Tuesday, 15 of the same month, and the examination for students applying to the School of Excellence in Ain Shams will begin from Wednesday, August 16. Until Thursday, August 17, 2023. He explained that the examinations are conducted electronically through the equipped halls in Directorates of Education and Monitoring Committees and only students are allowed to enter the hall to conduct the examinations.

The Ministry stated that the general conditions for applying to the top student schools are that the student must be an Egyptian national, the student’s age must not exceed 18 years on 10/1/2023 and the student must have a certificate of completion of studies. In the academic year 2022/2023 the student’s aggregate score at the basic education level (first round) must be 274.5 degrees or higher, equivalent to 98% of the aggregate score. One of the three subjects viz: (English Language – Mathematics – Science

Minister of Education and Technical Education Dr. Reda Hegazi said in exclusive reports for the seventh day that the entrance examinations for students applying to schools of meritorious students will be conducted securely in electronic format without any human intervention. This test explains that a student’s intelligence and grades determine his acceptance to the best schools, the test questions measure the level of skill preparation and preparation level has nothing to do with the curriculum.

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The minister explained: It is possible for a middle school student to get the final grade and in the admission test in the schools of the best students, he fails because the nature of the test is different and not linked to a specific curriculum. The state is interested in talent and excellent students and this matter is in the program of the Ministry of Education and Technical Education, explaining that students excel in all fields. The state is interested in it, and then there are the schools. Students who excel in science and technology will have 21 schools for outstanding students next year after adding two new schools, one in Cairo and one in Giza, and the addition of two schools in Cairo and Giza will contribute to solving the crisis. Cairo and Giza have more elite schools.Continued: In elite schools, learning is diverse and problem-solving-based, as are the tests for students, and test concepts and academics. The Minister continued: The best students have a keen interest in schools and teaching methods, and students are prepared to be researchers and are characterized by critical thinking.

For its part, the Ministry of Education and Technical Education said Best schools In science, mathematics and technology, they are government secondary schools, employing modern teaching methods using the work team system and having admissions for meritorious students with a preparatory certificate. Admission for meritorious students started in 2014. (2017) / (11) schools of excellence in 2018, and (3) schools were opened in the 2018/2019 academic year, bringing the total number of schools in the governorates to (14) schools in the governorates, and in 2022/2023. The number of best schools has reached (19) schools, there are (18) governorates and there are plans to increase the number of schools for best students in the coming period. Each governorate of the republic has at least one school.

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