June 7, 2023

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Egypt: A female soccer player was severely beaten in Kane, and officials are being asked to intervene.


Fatwa Essam, a female footballer in Egypt, revealed that she was attacked by the coach of a rival team during her team meeting with this coach.

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She said, “As happens in all the leagues in the world, I had a fight with an opposing team player. Coach Jay, who hit me in the back, surprised me. The referee came from above me.”

Fatwa added during a telephone interview on the “Hazrat Al-Muwadin” show aired on the screen of “Al-Hadat Al-Yum” that his team had a friendly meeting with the academy, and that she was surprised that the coach attacked her in the last five minutes of the match.

And the player continued, “I saw him coming from my back. I hit him with pockets. He was on top of me until I fell to the ground. He hit me too and hit my head on the ground.”

She pointed out that the coach had done this because she had a fist fight with a player under the coach’s leadership, and that the match referee had not made any decision about her confrontation with her team’s opponent. To her surprise at the coach’s attack on her, she continued: “It’s me.

In response to the show’s host’s question, was the coach who attacked him the father of the player he hit? Fatwa Essam denied that the coach was the father of the woman who was trapped with him, criticized the media’s question and asked the coach who attacked him to direct the question.

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