May 28, 2023

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A new epidemic like Govit-19 ... a study that raises alarm

A new epidemic like Govit-19 … a study that raises alarm

Scientists have warned, according to a study by researchers at Duke University in the United States Corona infection This will not be the last day for the world to prepare.

The British newspaper, The Sun, quoted Dr. William Bonn, author of the study:Infections Dangerous as Kovit-19 And fever Spanish is likely to emerge in the future, “he said. “

Scientists rely on their “predictive” study to estimate the magnitude and frequency of eruptions Dangerous diseases For the past four centuries, deadly pathogens, including plague and measles, have been included in the study. And cholera Typhoid and new influenza viruses.

The researchers also calculated the likelihood of recurrence of the same infection.

According to the results, researchers warn that the likelihood of a new outbreak will triple in the next few decades.

The researchers said that over the next 59 to 60 years, the chances of an epidemic such as Govt-19 spreading and damage are high.

Professor Gabriel Cadole, co-author of the study, noted that the findings “confirm the need for an in-depth study of why and how catastrophic epidemics spread.”

He added: “Developing an early response to outbreaks, the ability to monitor local and global epidemics, as well as setting up a research agenda to understand the cause of major outbreaks is more important than ever.”

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