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Egypt bans pilgrimage for people with medical conditions including obesity


According to the restrictions approved by the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Interior decided to ban the travel of several groups to perform this year’s Hajj rituals as they are more vulnerable to the risks of infection.

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Egyptian authorities have decided to prevent people suffering from various diseases including obesity from performing Hajj this year.

Among its requirements for applying for Hajj, which will continue until next March 6, the Interior Ministry decided to ban the travel of several groups to perform this year’s Hajj rituals because they are more vulnerable to the risks of infection. As per regulations approved by Ministry of Health.

He said these categories are kidney failure patients, patients requiring dialysis sessions, pulmonary fibrosis patients, morbid obesity, advanced cases of cardiovascular diseases, liver cirrhosis and tumors, pregnant women in their first and last months and mentally ill people. Disease and Alzheimer’s disease, according to approved clinical reports.

The Ministry has stipulated that the vaccine must be supplemented with a booster dose for internationally recognized vaccines against the corona virus, with basic doses, and provide a copy of the certificate for that vaccine to the General Administration of Administrative Affairs as a condition for obtaining it. A visa.

The ministry decided to allocate 3% of Haj visas to old applicants and their partners, separately in each Defense Directorate.

The Egyptian Ministry of Interior stipulated that elderly couples 70 years of age or older or determined individuals – with an exception, must be accompanied by only one companion from relatives up to the fourth degree. , he enjoys a good state of health and can take care of them in terms of health and age.

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