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This is what Hanati al-Gandari said about the artist Saud Abdullah


Artist Hanadi Al-Gandari expressed his happiness with the artistic collaboration with the star Saud Abdullah, as the two will meet in the upcoming Ramadan drama period through the series “Majare”. Hanadi said that the collaboration with artist Saud Abdullah was one of the most distinctive signs of his artistic career, especially as he learned a lot from him, which helped him develop. Hanadi Al-Gandari shared a picture with the artist Saud Abdullah through his official account “Instagram” and commented, “The most beautiful station in my artistic life with him, from which I grew from myself and learned. The artist in me, I will never forget every word and every piece of advice you gave me. And she continued, “We have so much in common that when a situation arises, I act like you say, ‘Heal her, South II.’

Heroes of “Majare” series

Dramas that have completed filming and are ready to be screened during the Ramadan drama season, the series features a multi-starrer cast led by artiste Saud Abdullah, Asmahan Tawfiq, Abdul Imam Abdullah, Shaq Mousavi Hanadi Al-Gandari and others. , and the work was directed by Issa Diab and written by Jamal Salem.

Previous Ramadan post

Actress Hanati Al-Gandari participated in the last Ramadan drama season of “Kid Al-Hareem” Jaa series, which revolves around a light comic structure around the story of a divorced woman named “Sumaiya” who raises her children and proposes to two men. After reaching the age of forty, she chooses one of them, but he dies the day after the wedding, so she inherits it and becomes a stepmother to the children who conspire against her in comic form. The series was written and directed by Fahd Al-Balushi and directed by Mustafa Fekri, starring: Rojina, Jassim Al-Naban, Abdul-Imam Abdullah, Hanati Al-Gandari, Muhammad Al-Hatdad, Rawan Al-Ali, Abdullah Al-Talihi, Fahd Al-Sale. and Huda al-Hamdan. To see the most beautiful pictures of celebrities, visit «Madame’s Instagram» To see celebrity videos, visit «Tik Tok MadamYou can follow the latest news from the stars via Twitter.Art ma’am»

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