March 29, 2023

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Egypt .. Got the lost temple of the sun

Egypt .. Got the lost temple of the sun

Archaeologists have unearthed one of the temples of the sun in Egypt, built during the fifth dynasty of the Pharaohs.

Archaeologists have unearthed the remains of the Sun God Raw Temple in the Abu Ghraib area near the Abu Sir Temple complex in Egypt.

Massimiliano Nozolo, a Polish educator at the Institute of Middle Eastern and Mediterranean Studies, says: ” According to The Telegraph.

Early excavations showed that there were brick foundations for an old building under the temple, indicating that there was another building before this site. Subsequent cleaning and excavations allowed the discovery of white limestone columns. This, according to Polish education, is very interesting. According to RT

The discovery of many beer jugs used as ritual gifts in the most sacred place for the Egyptians allowed to confirm that this place was another temple. Academic Noslow emphasizes that “there is ample evidence that we have found one of the lost temples of the Sun God,” and that this is one of the most important discoveries of the last fifty years.

But archaeologists do not say who built this temple. On the contrary, they believe he was one of the pharaohs of the fifth dynasty who ruled Egypt in the twenty-fifth and twenty-fourth centuries BC, after he built the pyramids.

According to historical records, the pharaohs of the fifth dynasty built six temples to the sun god, each with its own name. The temple built by Nusero and the temple built by Userkoff, who created the dynasty, have been discovered so far. They each have a large courtyard with a column facing east to west, and a large obelisk to the god Ra.

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